Cultivating gratitude is a practice that may require conscious effort. Our minds tend to negatively default to forms of worry, self-criticism, judgement, and disdain for others. It becomes this crippling source of energy that reacts with the world that exists in our minds. The best way to challenge negativity is through gratitude.

Gratitude is an emotion that expresses appreciation for the abundance that we have in the present moment. It aligns with this beneficent force that creates an inner sense of serenity and harmony even when life may not necessarily be “going well”. To develop a consistent, ongoing relationship with gratitude we have included a simple practice below. This practice can be done in a queue, on a mat or any space that aligns with your daily schedule.

Begin with verbally stating or writing down what you are grateful for. Go slowly. Feel the gratefulness of each item.

* * *

Now stop listing the items and focus your attention on the physical sensation pulsating through your body. As this energy emanates from your heart, your chest will begin to soften and open. This feeling is gratitude.

Gratitude is the true antidote of negative thoughts and the key in creating peace of mind. When you develop a consistent practice, these transcendent experiences become so strong that your default measure is immense gratitude.

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