What Vancouver Says About Our Chiropractors

Our chiropractic team are among the best chiropractors in Vancouver! They have been helping adults with pain relief, sciatica, frozen shoulder syndrome and car accident injuries.

More specifically, our prenatal chiropractors have helped to relieve pregnancy back pain, hip pain, increase energy, reduce nausea and improve pregnancy positioning through the Webster Technique and so much more! Our pediatric chiropractors have helped children improve sleep with less body discomfort, immunity and the list can go on.

Don’t take our word for it, read below about the results some of our Vancouver chiropractic patients and members are experiencing at Jassal Chiropractic.

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Jacqueline and Chris came to Jassal Chiropractic initially for latch difficulties with baby Kendrick. After a week of regular adjustments, both parents noticed significant subjective improvements in Kendrick. Jacqueline and Chris scheduled their new patient examinations the following week. Since then, Jacqueline’s posture has significantly improved and her overall neck pain decreased! The most notable improvements for Chris relates to his standing comfort and sleep quality. Jacqueline, Chris and Kendrick look forward to continued success with chiropractic maintenance!

Kendrick, Jacqueline and Chris ( Patients of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Regular chiropractic adjustments fully resolved Nadia’s back pain during pregnancy. Her sciatica continues to reduce and she is feeling much more balanced hormonally!

Nadia ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Angela is 75-years young and attributes chiropractic care for keeping her young and healthy! Angela is no longer experiencing debilitating headaches as an added benefit of regular maintenance care!

Angela ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Chris originally came to Jassal Chiropractic with sleep difficulties and debilitating upper body pain. Following 8-weeks of regular chiropractic care, this father of two has noticed a significant increase in back strength and overall reduction in neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain. Both Chris and his wife are incredibly thrilled that he is able to wear his wedding band again without discomfort!

Chris ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Tamlin is feeling increasingly relaxed following a smooth delivery with baby Briar. During her pregnancy, regular chiropractic care and ligament support completely resolved her lower back pain. Briar is a pediatric patient of your Vancouver Chiropractor's now and is sleeping more soundly in her basinet! Tamlin has also noticed a significant reduction in Briar's overall back arching and reflux since beginning chiropractic care.

Tamlin and Briar ( Patients of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Jesse came to Jassal Chiropractic with severe neck and shoulder pain. After 4-weeks of regular chiropractic care, Jesse has noticed a significant reduction of inflammation and massive improvement in overall range of motion. With increased energy levels and reduced pain, Jesse is working out and swimming again!

Jesse ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Monie has seen multiple chiropractors with minimal success until Jassal Chiropractic. Her results are truly better than she could have imagined! After 4-weeks of regular chiropractic care, Monie’s low back pain and range of motion have both significantly improved! She is officially back at work and lifting increasing amounts of weight!

Monie ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Irene is an expectant mother of twins who greatly appreciates the prompt times and gentle adjustments experienced at Jassal Chiropractic! Her debilitating pelvic pain significantly reduced following three short weeks of pelvic and ligament support by both Dr Jassal and Dr Kim!

Irene ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Richard has been a patient of the clinic for 6-years and attributes chiropractic maintenance care for his increased energy and decrease in overall pain!

Richard ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Kelly, Ethan and Oliver are one of the many wellness families at our clinic. Kelly’s lower back pain and sleep difficulties have both resolved with regular chiropractic maintenance. Her eldest son’s overall health has increased with shorter durations experienced when ill. This is especially important for their family during seasonal changes at school. Their newest addition is an incredibly happy, healthy baby who is developing optimally! His bilateral neck muscle tension has completely resolved following 3-weeks of regular chiropractic care.

Kelly, Ethan and Oliver ( Patients of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Jemma came into the clinic with tear-inducing lower back pain. Her husband assisted in every capacity possible - helping her to stand upright when asked. After 2-weeks of regular chiropractic care, Jemma is no longer crying from or experiencing those extended periods of lower back pain. She is looking forward to continued success with chiropractic during pregnancy and we are very much looking forward to her smiling face in clinic!

Jemma ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Melissa came to Jassal Chiropractic with low back and neck pain stemming from a motor vehicle accident 4-years ago. She had been experiencing the same pain throughout her pregnancy and was seeking relief. After 7-weeks of regular chiropractic adjustments, Melissa has noticed a significant decrease in her lower back pain and is no longer experiencing the aggressive shivers that stemmed from her motor vehicle accident. She is looking forward to continuous success with chiropractic and pregnancy!

Melissa ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Anna was constantly experiencing neck pain and tightness from her chronically swollen lymph nodes. She would ask her mother to massage her neck daily because of the extreme discomfort it caused. After 8-weeks of regular chiropractic care, Anna’s neck pain and spasms have both significantly reduced! She no longer asks for neck massages and doesn’t complain of neck discomfort anymore. Her chronically swollen lymph nodes have notably reduced with her neck muscle spasms continually lessening!

Anna ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
Prenatal chiropractic reviews

Within hours of being discharged from the hospital, Natasha was at the chiropractors office getting both herself and Nova adjusted. Natasha understands the importance of correcting vertebral subluxations for optimal functioning of the nervous system and overall wellness. Nova has been receiving gentle, specific adjustments since birth and is sleeping 6-hours straight an evening!

Natasha ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
Vancouver chiropractor reviews

Since beginning chiropractic care, Mariya’s sleep and energy have both significantly increased! Her upper back hump is completely resolved and she is feeling stronger and stronger every day! Maria has also noticed that she can smell scents more frequently without medication following her loss of scent 18-years ago. Her big win since beginning chiropractic care is the significant improvement of her gut issues that have been present from labour 2-years ago

Mariya ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
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Since beginning chiropractic care, Margaret’s overall health has improved by 80%! Her hip pain has significantly reduced and her limp completely resolved. She is incredibly happy with her adjustments and the wonderful care provided at Jassal Chiropractic!

Margaret ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
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Morgan came to Jassal Chiropractic feeling overwhelmed and stressed. She was tired of medical professionals stating her symptoms were in her head and seeking relief from them. Since beginning chiropractic care 3-weeks ago, Morgan is feeling less anxiety and stress than ever before! Her rib and neck pain have both significantly reduced too! Morgan is looking forward to continued success with chiropractic care and optimal wellness!

Morgan ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
Jassal Chiropractic Chiropractor reviews Vancouver

Roxanne initially sought chiropractic care to resolve her lower back pain, sciatica, headaches and constant neck and jaw tension. Since beginning care 3-months ago, Roxanne’s lower back pain has completely resolved and her headaches have lessened significantly! She has also noticed significant improvement in her posture - her forward head posture has reduced by 19.4%! Roxanne recognizes the importance in keeping up with maintenance care and regular chiropractic adjustments!

Roxanne ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
Jassal Chiropractic Chiropractor reviews Vancouver

Angelina was referred to us by her daughter, Virginia. At 80-years young, Angelina sought chiropractic care for optimal wellness. After 3-months of regular chiropractic adjustments, Angelina has noticed significant improvements in her posture and appetite. She is eating more, gaining weight and keeping up with her exercises! Her upper back hump from osteoporosis has also improved significantly! She is looking forward to continued success with chiropractic care!

Angelina ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
Chiropractor review on back pain

We first met Virginia at the Vancouver Health and Wellness Show. Virginia was seeking relief from her neck and back pain! Since beginning chiropractic care, her forward head posture has reduced by 33.2% and her posture has significantly improved!

Virginia ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
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After having hip surgery, Gordon noticed significant improvements from regular chiropractic adjustments! He is walking better and recovering faster than previously!

Gordon ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
Reduced lower back pain with Jassal Chiropractic

After 3-months of chiropractic care, Heather is feeling like a million bucks! Heather first came to Jassal Chiropractic with chronic lower back dysfunction. Since her first adjustment, Heather has noticed reduced lower back pain and better mobility. She has better breathing after 11-years of limitations and improved range of motion with both yoga and dancing! Heather is looking forward to maintaining a healthy nervous system through a lifetime of wellness care!

Heather ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

I first came to see Dr Jassal because of my back pain, stomach pain and allergies. Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed that my back pain has reduced significantly. My stomach pain has totally stopped and I have not taken any allergy medication since my second visit! I feel I have more energy and motivation!

Rob Gill ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Dr. Jassal told me that I could fix the problem or keep on suffering, so of course I decided to fix the problem and I had my first adjustment. Since then I cannot remember when I last had a headache, my sinus problems (which I thought were allergies) are gone, I am less stressed throughout the day, I am not waking up throughout the night in pain and I have more energy. I rave about Dr. Jassal and his clinic to everyone I know and whenever someone complains about back problems I immediately hand over one of Dr. Jassal’s business cards.

Karla G ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

I feel 100% happier and healthier. I’m not grumpy or moody anymore! I have noticed an improvement in my posture and flexibility. I used to have migraines once every couple of months, but now I’ve only had 1 in the past 6 months! I can run much faster and for longer; my calves don’t cramp anymore and I no longer have knee pain when I run. My lung capacity feels bigger, so I know I am breathing better now. My back and neck pain is gone, and the tension in those places is gone too. Now I find that skateboarding, yoga and snowboarding are easier and more enjoyable. I can do more yoga poses as well.

Kim Glennie ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

During my first few visits, I was expecting that he could do something to help me with the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that I had been diagnosed with 4 years earlier. I felt improvements almost immediately.

Ashley Hillier ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Within two weeks of starting chiropractic care, I had lost ten pounds without changing anything else in my life! I have lost a few more since then for a total of 14 pounds in one month. I am craving water for the first time in all my life and my coffee addiction has been eliminated since my first adjustment.

Jacynthe Fraser ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

I was able to deliver my little girl in a small amount of time without any drugs, which was very important for me. I believe that the chiropractic care that I received played a direct role in the fact that I required no medical interventions (ie. forceps, vacuum, medicines) during my delivery.

Heather McCartney, RN BSN ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Since first coming to the clinic I have noticed that I have much more energy and I have an increased positive outlook on life in general. I was so pleased with the results I referred my wife and baby son to Dr. Jassal and they are now regular patients.

Richard Newell ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

I never thought getting adjusted could have improved my life in so many ways. My posture has improved, I can sit up straight and am walking without pain now. My migraine headaches are thankfully gone. I am most excited about how much better my digestive system has been.

Sarah St. John ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

My report of findings exceeded my expectations – in its depth and length as well as in the detail and Dr. Jassal’s clear explanation of it.

Jennifer Dury ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

My life has greatly improved since beginning chiropractic care. I am excited about my results and am looking to the future with a renewed sense of health and wellness. I am delighted and take much comfort in the fact that Dr. Jassal is also taking my family on this journey to better health.

Byron Wong ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )