Dr Avtar Jassal utilizes the Torque Release Technique (TRT) at our Vancouver chiropractic clinic. TRT is the only chiropractic technique developed out of a blind research study to provide a precise, gentle release in spinal tension. It allows Dr Jassal to detect and correct primary dysfunctions to the spine and nervous system using an Integrator instrument known as the “endorphin gun”.

Chiropractic is based on the philosophy that the body can heal itself as long as the brain and body are functioning optimally. Our Vancouver chiropractor is here to change your life through natural health philosophies.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve pain and promote communication between the nervous system and other biological systems like the endocrine, reproductive, digestive, to improve overall health in adults and expectant mothers.

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Suzanne’s initial chiropractic examination revealed severe postural muscle spasms and asymmetry along her spine. Since beginning chiropractic care 4-weeks ago, Suzanne’s ranges of motion and neck pain have both significantly improved! She is driving again and shoulder checking comfortably – a personal goal of hers entering into chiropractic care.

Suzanne ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Chris originally came to Jassal Chiropractic with sleep difficulties and debilitating upper body pain. Following 8-weeks of regular chiropractic care, this father of two has noticed a significant increase in back strength and overall reduction in neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain. Both Chris and his wife are incredibly thrilled that he is able to wear his wedding band again without discomfort!

Chris ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Irene is an expectant mother of twins who greatly appreciates the prompt times and gentle adjustments experienced at Jassal Chiropractic! Her debilitating pelvic pain significantly reduced following three short weeks of pelvic and ligament support by both Dr Jassal and Dr Kim!

Irene ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

My life has greatly improved since beginning chiropractic care. I am excited about my results and am looking to the future with a renewed sense of health and wellness. I am delighted and take much comfort in the fact that Dr. Jassal is also taking my family on this journey to better health.

Byron ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Since beginning chiropractic care, Scott has noticed a significant reduction in both his neck and shoulder tension. He is incredibly impressed with how well his nervous system is functioning 3-weeks into regular chiropractic care!

Scott ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )