Dr Avtar Jassal utilizes the Torque Release Technique (TRT) at our Vancouver chiropractic clinic. TRT is the only chiropractic technique developed out of a blind research study to provide a precise, gentle release in spinal tension. It allows Dr Jassal to detect and correct primary dysfunctions to the spine and nervous system using an Integrator instrument known as the “endorphin gun”.

Chiropractic is based on the philosophy that the body can heal itself as long as the brain and body are functioning optimally. Our Vancouver chiropractor is here to change your life through natural health philosophies.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve pain and promote communication between the nervous system and other biological systems like the endocrine, reproductive, digestive, to improve overall health in adults and expectant mothers.

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Monie has seen multiple chiropractors with minimal success until Jassal Chiropractic. Her results are truly better than she could have imagined! After 4-weeks of regular chiropractic care, Monie’s low back pain and range of motion have both significantly improved! She is officially back at work and lifting increasing amounts of weight!

Monie ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

In my report of findings, Dr. Jassal explained that I could address my chronic health challenges or continue suffering. I of course decided to address the problem and begin regular chiropractic care. Since then I have not experienced a debilitating headache, my sinus challenges have completely resolved, I feel more energetic and am sleeping through the evening. I rave about Dr. Jassal and the wonderful chiropractic assistant's to everyone I know! Whenever someone complains about spinal dysfunctions I immediately hand over one of Dr Jassal’s business cards. I have given myself the greatest gift this year and that is to live a better lifestyle - one that is healthy and beneficial to me!

Karla ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

I was able to deliver my little girl in a small amount of time without any drugs, which was very important for me. I believe that the chiropractic care that I received played a direct role in the fact that I required no medical interventions (ie. forceps, vacuum, medicines) during my delivery.

Heather McCartney, RN BSN ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Since beginning chiropractic care, Scott has noticed a significant reduction in both his neck and shoulder tension. He is incredibly impressed with how well his nervous system is functioning 3-weeks into regular chiropractic care!

Scott ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Melissa came to Jassal Chiropractic with low back and neck pain stemming from a motor vehicle accident 4-years ago. She had been experiencing the same pain throughout her pregnancy and was seeking relief. After 7-weeks of regular chiropractic adjustments, Melissa has noticed a significant reduction in lumbar discomfort and is no longer experiencing the aggressive shivers that stemmed from her motor vehicle accident. She is looking forward to continuous success with chiropractic and pregnancy!

Melissa ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )