At our downtown Vancouver chiropractic clinic, Dr. Avtar Jassal and Dr. Lisa Kim utilize Torque Release Technique. TRT is the only chiropractic technique developed out of a blinded research study to provide a precise, gentle release in tension in the body.

The Torque Release Technique allows the chiropractor to detect and correct the primary dysfunctions to your spine and nervous system. The chiropractor delivers the chiropractic adjustment using the Integrator instrument, also known as the “endorphin gun”.

Our Vancouver chiropractors are here to change your life through natural health philosophies. Chiropractic is based on the philosophy that the body can heal itself from the inside out as long as the brain and body have the best communication with one another.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve pain and promote communication between the nervous system and other body systems such as endocrine, reproductive, digestive, etc. to improve key bodily functions and overall health in adultspregnant women and children.

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Tamlin is feeling increasingly relaxed following a smooth delivery with baby Briar. During her pregnancy, regular chiropractic care and ligament support completely resolved her lower back pain. Briar is a pediatric patient of your Vancouver Chiropractor's now and is sleeping more soundly in her basinet! Tamlin has also noticed a significant reduction in Briar's back arching since beginning chiropractic care.

Tamlin and Briar ( Patients of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Monie has seen multiple chiropractors with minimal success until Jassal Chiropractic. Her results are truly better than she could have imagined! After 4-weeks of regular chiropractic care, Monie’s low back pain and range of motion have both significantly improved! She is officially back at work and lifting increasing amounts of weight!

Monie ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Melissa came to Jassal Chiropractic with low back and neck pain stemming from a motor vehicle accident 4-years ago. She had been experiencing the same pain throughout her pregnancy and was seeking relief. After 7-weeks of regular chiropractic adjustments, Melissa has noticed a significant reduction in lumbar discomfort and is no longer experiencing the aggressive shivers that stemmed from her motor vehicle accident. She is looking forward to continuous success with chiropractic and pregnancy!

Melissa ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Kelly, Ethan and Oliver are one of the many wellness families at our clinic. Kelly’s lower back pain and sleep difficulties have both resolved with regular chiropractic maintenance. Her eldest son’s overall health has improved drastically. This is especially important for their family during seasonal changes at school. Their newest addition is an incredibly healthy baby who is functioning happily! His bilateral neck muscle tension completely resolved following 3-weeks of regular chiropractic care.

Kelly, Ethan and Oliver ( Patients of our Vancouver Chiropractor )
Chiropractor review on back pain

We first met Virginia at the Vancouver Health and Wellness Show. Virginia was seeking relief from her neck and back pain. Since beginning chiropractic care, her forward head posture has reduced by 33.2% and her posture has significantly improved!

Virginia ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )