At our downtown Vancouver chiropractic clinic, Dr. Avtar Jassal and Dr. Lisa Kim utilize Torque Release Technique. TRT is the only chiropractic technique developed out of a blinded research study to provide a precise, gentle release in tension in the body.

The Torque Release Technique allows the chiropractor to detect and correct the primary dysfunctions to your spine and nervous system. The chiropractor delivers the chiropractic adjustment using the Integrator instrument, also known as the “endorphin gun”.

Our Vancouver chiropractors are here to change your life through natural health philosophies. Chiropractic is based on the philosophy that the body can heal itself from the inside out as long as the brain and body have the best communication with one another.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve pain and promote communication between the nervous system and other body systems such as endocrine, reproductive, digestive, etc. to improve key bodily functions and overall health in adultspregnant women and children.

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Reduced lower back pain with Jassal Chiropractic

After 3-months of chiropractic care, Heather is feeling like a million bucks! She first came into Jassal Chiropractic with chronic low back dysfunction. Since her first adjustment, Heather has noticed significant improvements in both her low back pain and mobility. She has better breathing after 11-years of limitations and improved range of motion with both yoga and dancing! Heather is looking forward to maintaining a healthy nervous system through a lifetime of wellness care.

Heather ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Irene is an expectant mother of twins who greatly appreciates the prompt times and gentle adjustments experienced at Jassal Chiropractic! Her debilitating pelvic pain significantly reduced following three short weeks of pelvic and ligament support by both Dr Jassal and Dr Kim!

Irene ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

Anna was constantly experiencing neck pain and tightness from her chronically swollen lymph nodes. She would ask her mother to massage her neck daily because of the extreme discomfort it caused. After 8-weeks of regular chiropractic care, Anna’s neck pain and spasms have both significantly reduced! She no longer asks for neck massages or complains about neck discomfort.

Anna ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

I feel 100% happier and healthier. I’m not grumpy or moody anymore! I have noticed an improvement in my posture and flexibility. I used to have migraines once every couple of months, but now I’ve only had 1 in the past 6 months! I can run much faster and for longer; my calves don’t cramp anymore and I no longer have knee pain when I run. My lung capacity feels bigger, so I know I am breathing better now. My back and neck pain is gone, and the tension in those places is gone too. Now I find that skateboarding, yoga and snowboarding are easier and more enjoyable. I can do more yoga poses as well.

Kim ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )

In my report of findings, Dr. Jassal explained that I could address my chronic health challenges or continue suffering. I of course decided to address the problem and begin regular chiropractic care. Since then I have not experienced a debilitating headache, my sinus challenges have completely resolved, I feel more energetic and am sleeping through the evening. I rave about Dr. Jassal and the wonderful chiropractic assistant's to everyone I know! Whenever someone complains about spinal dysfunctions I immediately hand over one of Dr Jassal’s business cards. I have given myself the greatest gift this year and that is to live a better lifestyle - one that is healthy and beneficial to me!

Karla ( Patient of our Vancouver Chiropractor )