The sun is bright, the air is crisp and the surrounding trees are exhibiting beautiful autumnal hues. Autumn is here and it is providing incredible opportunities to boost our mental and physical well-being outdoors! Research suggests that spending time outside restores our mental energy, improves overall mood and decreases stress levels. Exposure to the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, also helps regulate calcium levels and promotes optimal bone health. Luckily for us, we live in a city that makes fresh air both affordable and accessible.

As you may know, the Jassal Chiropractic Team has a penchant for the outdoors. Listed below are some autumn-friendly activities to maximize outdoor health benefits:

The Stanley Park Seawall
A Team Jassal favourite! The 10-kilometer seawall is Vancouver’s most popular attraction for fresh sea air and rewarding views. Whether you have completed it a thousand times or not at all, the Stanley Park seawall is an absolute gem that can be cycled, walked, ran or skated. Pit stops may include: Prospect Point, the 9 O’Clock Gun, Second or Third Beach and Lost Lagoon with the option to extend your trajectory to Kitsilano.

The Ghost Train
This is for the children (and adults let’s be honest) because of its low spook factor and large doses of fun. The Ghost Train rattles through our favourite urban green space, Stanley Park, with a new harvest inspired theme each year. This year’s theme is Jack O’Lanterns Journey. The park plaza also hosts The Little Monsters Maze and a pumpkin patch to keep bodies warm and moving amidst the crisp autumn temperatures.

Short Day Hikes
The North Shore Mountains offer numerous opportunities to deepen one’s appreciation and connection to the surrounding environment. Quarry Rock and Lynn Canyon are two popular options accessible via public transit or within an hour’s drive from Vancouver. Both trails are dog-friendly so be sure to invite your furry family member(s) to share in those rewarding views!

Spending time outside does not require physical activity to reap its immense health benefits. You can relocate dinner to a nearby park, grab a coffee to-go, read a book outside, meditate and so forth. Absorb the outdoors in whatever capacity brings fulfillment to your life. We promise you will feel better investing the time to do so!

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