Jassal Chiropractic is deeply rooted in the ethos of environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility. As we grow together and expand our knowledge on consumption, it becomes more critical for us to support natural and local choices, in manners both big and small! We want you and your families to feel comfortable and empowered by our space of wellness. Below are initiatives that we have implemented into the clinic:

  • We use a Mac-based network that integrates with our iPads, scanning equipment, and advanced x-ray unit to reduce paper consumption.
  • Our x-ray unit is a state-of-the-art digital device that produces zero chemical or film byproduct. The unit has advanced sensors, narrow beaming, and special filters to ensure that the radiation exposure is significantly less than traditional units.
  • Our entire range of cleaning supplies and disposable diapers are from the eco-friendly, Seventh Generation Company. We also use a homemade vinegar-water solution for windows and an essential oil based air freshener from the Vancouver-based company, Saje!
  • We provide washable hand towels instead of paper towels to reduce our daily collections output. Our shredding and recycled headrest paper are directly placed into the recycling bins too!
  • In the play area, we have eco-conscious toys stocked from the largest producer of wooden toys, Hape. The bamboo-based toys take advantage of its highly renewable properties to ensure its longevity for future generations to come!
  • Our drinking water is held in a ceramic unit with an alkalizing filtration system. The water filtration system is designed to reproduce the basic filtration process of natural water cycle by allowing it to slowly filter through alkalizing carbon and quartz crystals. The oxidation-reduction process can neutralize up to 99% of chlorine, lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other heavy metals! We replace the cartridge on a quarter year basis and recycle the cartridge directly through the parent company.
  • We have installed blinds to reduce the need for air conditioning and heating throughout the year. Often we will prop open our front doors to welcome the warm breeze of spring and summer.
  • We use low-watt CFL bulbs for all lighting purposes in the clinic. Almost all of our office supplies, chiropractic supplies, and cleaning supplies are purchased locally in Vancouver to reduce our emissions from shipping long-distance. We also do this to support Vancouver small businesses like ourselves!

We are committed to keeping our clinic as environmentally friendly as possible and invite you to visit any time! If you have suggestions on how we can further impact positive change, please let us know!

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