While sitting may seem restful and innocuous, there is a developing body of literature that illuminates its adverse health effects. When the body is in a seated position, the pelvis is in a constant state of flexion. This places additional stress on the muscles and intervertebral discs of our cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) curves which may result in increased discomfort and/or pain.

The longer one remains in a seated position, the more compromised posture is likely to become. Slouching can cause the spinal ligaments to stretch beyond their healthy ranges of motion and strain their intervertebral discs. This can results in increased strain of the outer annulus (connects our spinal vertebrae) and may increase disc bulging and/or disc pressure.

Attached below is a video of Dr Jassal explaining how to best support a supple spine on upcoming travels! Listed below are his main talking points:

  • Walk the aisle every 30-minutes or so. If you are concerned about disrupting other passengers on the plane, choose the aisle seat for convenient access. Walking is integral for the loosening of spinal joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. 
  • Incorporate stationary exercises to open and mobilize the pelvis on an hourly basis. 
  • Ask for assistance if you are concerned about the weight of your luggage. Flight attendants are very understanding and will help locate your belongings to the overhead bin.
  • Sufficient hydration will help ensure proper cell nourishment and help prevent circulatory challenges from developing. Flying tends to dehydrate the body quicker because of the low humidity levels in the pressurized cabin.
  • When the plane is done, spend a couple of minutes stretching to ensure optimal warmth and mobility of muscles before you reach and grab your bags from the carousel.

We want to ensure your spine is functioning optimally for the summer travels ahead! If you have questions or concerns, please enquire at your next adjustment.

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