Becoming a mother can be one of the most joyous and most challenging moments in a woman’s life. Not only is it taxing both physically and emotionally from pregnancy to birth, but there’s the recovery process where your body is trying to heal while caring for a new little baby.

During pregnancy, your body creates hormones to loosen ligaments in your pelvis to support the baby as it grows. Your body transforms in many ways as it prepares for birth and labour with many women experiencing lower back pain, sore hips, or sciatica, etc. Our Vancouver chiropractors provide chiropractic care for pregnant women to help with those issues but more importantly, they can help to stabilize the body after the birth.

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Here’s how Chiropractic can help in the post-partum recovery process:

  1. Chiropractic care restores the position, movement and balance in the pelvis to help ligaments return to their original position and shape.
  2. With so many changes in the body during pregnancy, cells, bodily structures and mechanics are thrown off balance. Chiropractic adjustments restore normal biomechanics and health in the body on a cellular level.
  3. During pregnancy, hip bones or the spine often become misaligned due to the weight from carrying a baby. Chiropractic treatments remove misalignments to stimulate the body to heal itself.
  4. Many pregnant women experience sciatica which is characterized by leg pain or numbness caused by issues in the lower spine due to the expansion of the uterus. Some times, this tingling pain does not go away immediately after birth. Chiropractic reduces nerve irritability and inflammation causing pain.
  5. Postpartum hormones may cause emotional stress on new mothers. This can have a significant effect on posture and spinal muscle tension. Chiropractors promote proper posture and spinal function which can help relieve tension postpartum.
  6. Caring for a newborn is difficult. There are long days and nights holding the baby, spending hours hunched over during breastfeeding and then you might be chasing after other children as well! Postural issues can lead to neck, back, shoulder pain and carpal tunnel. The good news is… Dr. Jassal can help!

We know you have your hands full as a new mom! But speeding up your postpartum recovery is worth it so you can start enjoying your little one even more!

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