Work, kids, family obligations, relationships and social media take our time and energy on a daily basis. We are so busy with a to-do list that is so long that we can’t keep up. We also deal with high expectations set by others and even ourselves. It’s no wonder why we are stressed out and finding it harder and harder to cope.

Stress has a negative impact on our health, our bodies and our emotional well-being by increasing cortisol production.

Getting stress under control can help you find balance and improve your overall well-being. Here are 5 ways to reduce stress:

1)    Meditate: Whether you focus on a mantra, use a guided mediation app or simply practice deep breathing, meditation is very effective. To get started, sit in a quiet space, clear your mind and take some deep breaths to be in the present moment.

2)    Exercise: Do you only have 10 minutes? That’s okay, any amount of physical activity can lower cortisol and increase endorphins which is the happy hormone. Do some yoga, hop on your bike or go for a quick jaunt and you will feel better instantly.

3)    Turn off the tech: Constant notifications and mindless scrolling on phones or tablets takes time away from our goals and oftentimes leaves us feeling spread thin. Be mindful and purposeful in your actions by turning off your phone for even one hour a day to give yourself a break from your news feed.

4)    Listen to music: Did you know singing along to your fave song can reduce stress? Listening to music lowers cortisol levels and boosts your mood. Add a little dancing and you’ll be back in the groove in no time!

5)    Laugh it off: Have you heard of laugher therapy? It’s so effective because laughing causes a rush of endorphins to make you feel happier and automatically less stressed. Laughter can be shared and brings people together which ultimately makes us feel supported by others.

Don’t forget that regular Chiropractic treatments can help your nervous system function at its optimal levels to help you manage stress more efficiently. Book in with us to get your well-being in check!

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