What have you always wanted to ask your Chiropractor? We all know that Chiropractic care is an important part of a wellness program, but do you know how chiropractic care works? In this new series, Dr. Jassal and Dr. Kim are sharing some answers to your burning Chiropractic questions. This is part two, so check out part one for other Chiropractic questions you might want the answers to!

Why do you see so many children at the clinic?

Children have nervous sytems and spines that control the function of all their cells in their body. So for most children that are not functioning at their greatest or have health challenges or are not developing at the right pace many times the underlying problem is that the nervous system is being compromised. Because of that we check the nervous system and their spines to make sure that if there is an underlying problem that is causing dysfunction or disease we get that to correct so the body can heal itself.

How are we different than other chiropractors:

We look at the body as a whole and get the entire nervous system to function better looking at the cause of why the body isn’t working. With the torque release technique we don’t deliver manual adjustments here at the clinic. We use an instrument that delivers a very quick light speed of adjustment that a lot of patients find gentle. We are usually adjusting less segments – one ore two each time, so it allows the body to heal itself so it gains greater strategies and memory for how to heal itself in the future. The benefits with our type of chiropractic care is that the overall person functions better. That can be from improved sleep patterns due to improved body function, kids perform sports better, less injuries, better posture, and improved strength.

Why do you check the feet?

We use your feet to check for achilles reflex, which is a neurological reflex system.  We look at the changes in your neurological reflex system by using your feet in response to stress that is applied to specific segments of your spine.

When you say “good” or “much better” after an adjustment, do you really notice the changes happen that quickly?

Yes, your body changes immediately to each adjustments that are applied in each and every visit. Every visit, there are multiple different factors that we are evaluating, both before and after the adjustment.  For example, after each adjustment is performed, we are looking at the changes in your breathing pattern, muscle tone, temperature, heel tension, spine tension, fixation, and even posture.

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