Knowing what you’re walking into is our goal in every step of the way along your journey to optimal health. Yes, it’s about having insight into the practice of chiropractic care and how it can benefit your physical, mental and emotional health. And of course, it’s about knowing the level of expertise, professionalism, and results our doctors have and have generated.

Yet, and especially in our case, it reaches far and beyond the technical elements of chiropractic care, and into something we’re incredibly proud of: an experience of inclusivity and belonging and a community built around long term, sustainable care – all in a professional context.

A Community of Care
There’s no ‘just a number’ or ‘cold clinical’ feeling in our walls. We’re more like Cheers: where everybody knows your name (and you’re always glad you came).

Our patients feel like our family – and we like to think we’re part of theirs. From sharing photos of happy, smiling babies and expectant moms on the walls of the clinic to celebrating the success stories of some of our patients on our blog, our community thrives because of the people that come through our doors.

Beyond our (amazing) patients, our team are some of the most dedicated, kind and caring individuals who are fully committed to every patient having a well informed and high quality, experience feelings of inclusivity and belonging, and seeing true, personalized success. It’s a community of care like no other.

A Planned Outlook

Knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there means our patients have a clear view of the roadmap we co-create en route to optimal health. It’s the process of creating a futuristic outlook that sets us apart, in both physical care and everything else to expect along the way.

To support making space for treatment in full personal and family schedules, we build a personalized care plan based on consultation, computerized scan results and x-ray study if necessary. Care plans focus on accelerating healing at the beginning of the process, then shift into more spaced out adjustments that foster a stabilized nervous system and long term, lasting results (with regular follow up sessions, of course).

Because money matters and to help plan finances, we offer multi-visit packages at a discounted rate to help make every visit as easy and as focused on the treatment as possible. And of course, offer the ability to pay on a per-visit basis as well.

Planning ahead for both time and finances helps make everything along the way full of ease and all about the experience of health and healing.

Sustainable Practices + Proven Results
Optimal health is obtained by taking steps daily and weekly that move a body closer to functioning on all cylinders. It’s a process of finding the practices that work best for a body and applying them in a sustainable, consistent, tried-and-tested and lifestyle-aligned way so that ‘flare ups’ become a thing of the past.

We believe in the long term benefit and impact of chiropractic care on one’s ability to access optimal health. Instead of ‘one and done’ treatments that serve to relieve emergent pain or issue, we work with individuals committed to finding a sustainable experience of health and ease in their physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Our patients that celebrate the most significant results are those who start and stay; who come on board when they’re looking for immediate relief yet stay to access the long term benefits of the care. X-rays show significant structural improvement, neurosensory dysfunctions relax and speech is accessed, use of painkillers decreases significantly.

Our practice is unique, and that’s what we love about it. It celebrates people finding a new experience of health, supports individuals in a process of healing, and is a community of caring people with so much love, expertise and insight to share. Come by any day to meet the team and see for yourself what we’re all about.

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