A generally accepted idea of Chiropractic care is it’s all snaps, cracks, and twists to get the physical body ironed out. Truth is, it’s more than the physical body that needs help and support.

The key to what we call ‘optimal health’ and an ongoing experience of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is layers deep – in our nervous system.

Our spine is the access point to dialling in our nervous system. And, by establishing and maintaining the health of our nervous system, so much is possible.

Demystifying ‘Optimal Health’
We can be as kind to our bodies as possible: fuelling it right, getting enough rest, exercising and interacting with others to up our happy factor. Yet if the systems underneath the surface aren’t firing on all cylinders, our bodies aren’t equipped to fully use all the good things we are doing to and putting in them.

From our perspective, optimal health exists when the nervous system is free of interference, functioning with smooth communication to all the cells in our bodies. All systems are go, all lights are green.

‘Good health’ comes from making good choices that minimize stressors – environmental, physical, mental or emotional. This is where those choices around food, physical environment, and physical and mental health come into play. Doing more good things to ourselves helps support our systems in maintaining their best functioning state.

So, with all the good we can do for ourselves, why do things like chronic pain, reduced body function exists? 

The Stress of Stressors
Optimal health begins to break down when our bodies and systems experience stress, or stressors. More specifically, when our nervous systems stop adapting to stressors as they arise; when our resiliency dips and our bodies and brains stop being able to adapt and respond to what’s occurring around us, and what our bodies need to maintain their new normal (ie: their optimal, fully functioning, healthy state).

Again, think outside of major trauma like a car accident. Look at even subtle stressors that our bodies may stop adapting to, like stress from work or relationship struggles. These experiences—physical, mental, emotional, environmental, etc.—can result in physical manifestations or symptoms: depression, lack of energy, headaches and migraines, and beyond.

And that’s in adults who have had years to build up their resilience!

Consider a newborn baby, whose systems are not at all developed to handle stressors. Their experience of being brought into the world can be enough to create an interference in their nervous system. 

Any nervous system is vulnerable to be impacted by the natural stressors that exist in our world today. And, there’s hope and there’s help.

The Hope In Healing
What can be unlocked by shifting the focus from the pain point to working on getting your nervous system firing on all cylinders is nothing short of mind blowing. The secret is ALL in the spine; the home of and life force behind our being able to access and maintain optimal health.

Chronic pain. Migraines.  Poor posture.  This is a shortlist of symptoms our patients have shown up at our clinic doors with. After digging into the ‘why’ behind symptoms, and giving the nervous system our attention, bodies respond in amazing ways:

  • Patients experience physical ease and comfort
  • There can be reductions in drug and pain-medication use
  • Parents see calm and happy babies
  • Patients experience improved body function

If we were to simply look at the symptoms each patient was experiencing, we’d provide band-aid solution after band-aid solution, and their discomfort would only continue, if not worsen over time. Yet by looking below the surface and behind the symptoms themselves, we see so much more: access points to finding, developing and maintaining optimal health and possibility for long term, sustainable growth and transformation in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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