What have you always wanted to ask your Chiropractor? We all know that Chiropractic care is an important part of a wellness program, but do you know how chiropractic care works? In this new series, Dr. Jassal and Dr. Kim are sharing some answers to your burning Chiropractic questions.

How is Torque Release Technique (TRT) different than other techniques?

It is different in that it is a tonal based chiropractic technique. The technique looks at the nervous system and the spinal cord like a guitar string – based on how much tension or tone there is. It alters not just one cell or one function, but how the whole body works. In torque release, we look at the spine as a whole unit to figure out exactly how the body as a whole can function better so that every part of the body has optimal function.

Why do most of the adjustments happen in the upper neck and tailbone?

The spinal cord is a suspender, physically anchored by ligaments at the top of the neck and scull, as well as the tailbone. Based on those attachment points, we have the most access to change the tone of the entire nervous system.

Why is the frequency of Chiropractic care so important?

It is like getting a ball moving when it is stuck in a rut. You have to push it for a period of time for the momentum to move forward. So with the high frequency of care at the start, we are helping the body to change more rapidly. We want to break patterns. The more rapid and more consistent you are at the start, the easier it is to maintain down the road.

Why is my neck curve so bad?

Forward head posture is such a significant part our lifestyle, which didn’t used to be the case 20, 30, 40 years ago. Sitting for a long period of time, driving, sitting on your iPad, text messaging, checking your phone, watching TV – this all have forward head posture. The biggest culprit is sitting at your computer desk all day long. People never used to sit at desks for 8-10 hours a day. That constant forward flexion of your head is what’s altering the neck curve and aggravating it, which in essence, negatively effects how the entire nervous system works.

Why do I have an upper back hump and can it be fixed?

The upper back hump is usually a second or third adaptation to a problem. It is usually forward head posture, loss of neck curve, and then comes the upper back hump. The upper back hump is there so you don’t go around looking at the ground all day long – so that your eyes can look up straight. It is usually an overdevelopment of muscles because of the weight of your head being too far forward. Most often we see that it can be fixed, as long as it hasn’t been there for a long enough period of time or there is arthritis in the spine.

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