In Vancouver, we know our juice! We are lucky to have some of the best juice bars in the Canada to keep our cold-pressed habit happy. With the holiday season finally here, it is just as important as ever to include juice in your diet, so we are sharing the top 5 best juice bars in Vancouver. For those of us who overindulge come December (who can say no to office cookies?!), a juice or two a day can help maintain an active metabolism to guide us through that turkey comma.

To help your body get through the winter months ahead, here are our picks for the top 5 juice bars in Vancouver!

  1. Melu Juice & Health Bar (

The recipes at Melu are guaranteed to be like no other. They tend to incorporate unique ingredients inspired by herbal therapy and load up on super foods to work in harmony with your busy schedule and dietary desires.

The juice that packs a punch: They don’t call it The Hulk for nothing! Containing apple, romaine lettuce, jicama, lemon, kale, mint and ginger, this blend is sure to kick digestion into high gear.

The juice made just for winter: Winter Wonderland includes winter melon in its recipe, helping reduce water retention!

  1. Glory Juice Co. (

The mission at Glory Juice Co. is to nourish your body and mind. That starts with their fresh, organic juice. Because when you feel well and whole, you are ready to take on the world.

The juice that packs a punch: #14. A well-balanced green juice that contains fennel – perfect for post-party recovery thanks to the potassium and folate it provides!

The juice made just for winter: We recommend the #6. The turmeric and lemon blend will help keep you warm during the cold.

  1. Nectar (

Designed by a collective of Ayurvedic practicioners, holistic nutritionists and naturopathic doctors, Nectar’s juice formulas will complement your body’s natural process of cleansing. Nectar is a leader in highly-nourishing foods, inspired by co-founder Tori Holmes’ journey rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.

The juice that packs a punch: With red apple, turmeric, back pepper and lemon, Bounce will be sure to keep support your liver.

The juice made just for winter: Though technically not juice, Nectar’s unique hydrators are the perfect complement to your holiday cocktails. If you’re new to a hydrator, don’t let the colour scare you; try Innovate.

  1. Krokodile Pear (

 Nourishment is for all, and Krokodile Pear works hard to make it affordable to keep up the winter juicing. They source local ingredients whenever possible and keep their menu fresh with the season.

The juice that packs a punch: The darkest of green juices, Cathedral Grove is made for the juice pro. Containing no fruit, it actually helps to boost brain function thanks to E3 Live, an organic algae!

The juice made just for winter: Krokodile Pear’s current seasonal juice is Hollyburn. A festive blend of apple, cranberry, ginger, H2O, turmeric and cinnamon, it tastes just like Christmas!

  1. The Juice Truck (

The original cold-pressed juice in Vancouver. The Juice Truck’s constant commitment to quality and health is why they are still the go-to juicer for many Vancouverites. You may even catch Dr. Jassal speaking there, as he’s been a regular for the shop’s Mama Mondays!

The juice that packs a punch: The Wellness Shot is not for the weak of heart. Made only with a high concentration of ginger, lemon and cayenne, all you need is a shot to instantly feel the benefits.

The juice made just for winter: Cool and delicious, The Remedy’s pineapple, cucumber, kale, mint and ginger blend will help refresh after a lengthy battle at the malls this year.

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