Humans are electrical beings requiring electrical impulses to function and carry out processes in life.  These electrical impulses carried by free flowing electrons generated by our body’s nervous system are required for function. The Earth’s surface is also electrically conductive, maintaining a negative charge with its free electron supply. Since the Earth has a greater negative change on your body, we end up absorbing electrons from it, thus creating a stable internal bioelectrical environment. Grounding is the simple act of connecting your body to the earth’s surface by walking barefoot. The soles of our feet connect to the soil of the earth just as magnets attract!

Our skin is an excellent conductor, with an especially potent section right in the middle of the ball of your feet. Our skins conductivity allows the transfer of free electrons from the earth’s surface into your body acting as very powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants are required to inhibit the production of free radicals.

Receiving electrons from the Earths magnetic field acts as antioxidants. Research has shown many health benefits from grounding such as:

  • reduced stress/tension
  • beneficial changes in heart rate
  • decreased levels of inflammation
  • reduction of pain
  • promotes healthy sleep
  • decreased aggregation of red blood cells, therefore reduce blood viscosity (beneficial impact on cardiovascular disease)

 Why is decreasing inflammation so important?

Any type of injury, whether small or big, causes an immune response resulting in free radicals to destroy damaged cells allowing healthy new cells to grow and repair tissue. In doing so, free radicals may also leak into surrounding tissue, damaging healthy tissues. Free radicals can cause DNA damage and result in mutations.

The widespread use of rubber or plastic soles on shoes effectively shields you from the beneficial influx of electrons from the earth. Lack of grounding due to the large scale of shoes may contribute to increase of modern disease by allowing chronic inflammation to proliferate unchecked.

Ideal locations for walking barefoot are on the beach, close to or in water as well as grassy areas (covered with dew). Materials such as asphalt and wood will not allow electrons to pass through. If you can’t walk outside barefoot due to weather or during air travel, a grounding pad can be used to absorb electrons.

So kick off your shoes and enjoy the Earth’s natural healing and wellness potential!

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this blog post is for educational and general purposes only and is designed to assist you in making informed decisions about your health. Any information contained herein is not intended to substitute advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional.

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