Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s time for growth and renewal. Do you know anyone looking to start an exercise program to look their summer best and having difficulties do to lack of motivation or inability to function properly? We have a referral program so they can come for a checkup and to consult with Dr. Jassal who can explain how chiropractic care can help them reach their goals.
We will be closed on the Victoria Day Monday, May 20.  We will also be closed in th afternoon on Wednesday May 22.  To allow everyone to maintain their care schedules, we will be open on Saturday May 4 and Saturday May 25.
If anyone would like to do a short video testimonial let the girls at our front desk know! We are always looking for written testimonials from anyone who has enjoyed the benefits of care at our Vancouver clinic. Anyone with a Google profile is also welcome to post a review about us on Google reviews – it’s the quickest option.

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