Spring is a time for renewal, growth, and expansion. The natural detoxification practice of dry brushing aligns well with the emerging season. We bid farewell to winter and welcome increased vitality into our lives. Historically speaking, the ancient Ayurvedic practice is thought to stimulate the lymphatic system, promote blood circulation, and remove cellular debris from the skin. We are certain that the practice will be a great addition to your self-care routine!

How It Works:

Dry brushing is a stimulating practice that involves brushing the skin in a circular motion before bathing. It aids in the removal of cellular debris and supports the natural revitalization processes behind soft, smooth skin. Daily brushing helps to awaken the central nervous system by stimulating sensory nerves and increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

Why It Matters:

Our porous, permeable skin can absorb toxins from beauty products and the surrounding environment. Approximately one-third of these internal toxins will be eliminated through our largest detoxification organ, our skin.* Dry brushing removes the surficial layer of dead skin cells to unclog pores and encourage the generation of new skin cells. Doing this allows your skin the space to release what your body no longer needs.

How To Dry Brush:

Dry brushing is best practiced in the morning to invigorate your central nervous system. For added feelings of relaxation, you may choose to include essential oils to your brush. In order to avoid contaminating the skin with unnecessary bacteria, clean your brush once a week with natural soap and allow it to air dry to prevent the development of mold.

It is important to use a natural bristle brush; ideally with a small, softer brush for your face. Begin at your feet with small circular movements and slowly move upwards toward your heart. Mild to moderate pressure is an effective amount to begin your practice with. Once you have moved up both legs, focus on your stomach and back. Use a brush with a long handle to help reach those more difficult areas and be sure to pay close attention to the armpits. There are large concentrations of lymph nodes located in the armpit and we want to encourage proper drainage of this area. Always use your intuition and avoid sensitive areas or areas with broken skin. If you have an open wound, inflamed or sensitive skin, psoriasis, or eczema please consult your health practitioner first.


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