Self-love emerges from our thoughts and actions to support the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms of self. When we commit to self-love, we ultimately commit to a practice that gracefully helps us navigate both energetically high and low moments. These loving, internal beliefs help us align with our authentic purpose and manifest our true intentions. Listed below are three vital self-love practices to emphasize daily:

Self-Care. It is easy to neglect ourselves when feeling stressed, irritable or unfocused. Self-care affirms the foundation for our self-love. It involves varying capacities of nourishment, movement, rest, and connection that fuel our daily activities and navigate the waters of stress. With more emphasis on self-care routines, comes a stronger sense of self and connection with the surrounding world.

Intention. Today is a fresh new day! Wake up and acknowledge your authentic purpose. Find gratitude for your body and its innate capacity to heal whether it be in a verbal or written capacity. Take a moment with your body and listen to which areas in the heart are needing more focus. It may stir a single emotion or a plethora. Whatever it may be, it is important to honour where you are in the present moment and let that emotion move through you. The act of taking a couple of moments to pause our internal dialogue and reconnect with one’s purpose can provide incredible soothing capacities for daily stress and imbalances. Your body is doing a tremendous job navigating *insert age here* years on this miracle speckle we call earth!

Forgiveness. We tend to weigh heavily on our souls in terms of energetic blockages surrounding people and past experiences. It is important to establish boundaries with those that deplete or harm you in a physical, emotional, or spiritual capacity. When we address these stagnant areas of energy in the body, more space opens up for compassion and love. Creating space also provides us with the opportunity to evaluate the impact others have on us and invite them back with mindful boundaries.

Reminder: be your own valentine this month… and all months following! Celebrate your sparkling existence and that endless source of compassion simmering within.

Love always,

The Jassal Chiro Family

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