It can be difficult to keep up with the demands of contemporary society – a daunting task deciding on how best to safeguard ourselves and our families. What should we be conscious of? What does the future hold? How can we best protect ourselves? Amidst demanding life schedules, it can be difficult to focus attention on our most important investment – health. Our health is an investment that grows increasingly valuable every single day!

One of the most important resources we can invest in is time. Nutrition and physical activity are both paramount in maintaining immediate and long-term health benefits. Create space for daily movement, meal preparation and wellness appointments to habitualize these practice. For many people, time is a resource that is in high demand and short supply. Your future self will thank you for creating the time and prioritizing your health!

Next, is our investment in consciousness. Learn what best fuels your unique body so that it can function optimally. A good place to start is your personal water consumption. A body typically needs 2.7- to 3.7-litres a day to stay hydrated as recommended by both the CDC and the Food and Nutrition Board*. Become increasingly conscious of making the right decisions for your body – limit alcohol consumption, eat fresh, purchase organic, take breaks – and truly listen to how it communicates with you. Begin with small, daily changes and continue implementing these on a regular basis to dramatically increase the return on your investment.

This leads us to our investment in self-care. Once we have figured out what it is our bodies need, we must implement this knowledge and respect its limitations. Take care of yourself by stepping out of high stress environments, meditating, getting outside, resting more and so forth. Implementing these practices regularly will help form new, health-conscious patterns that will assist in mitigating future stresses!

These resources are within our possession at present. It is our job to find a way to best combine them in order to yield the greatest possible return on this investment!



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Disclaimer: Information contained in this blog post is for educational and general purposes only and is designed to assist you in making informed decisions about your health. Any information contained herein is not intended to substitute advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional.

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