February is here already, and that means spring is just around the corner! We have some exciting news today – our CAs will be going for post-graduate training and certification in Thermal and Static Spinal Scans. This will make progress evaluations easier and more efficient, as well as allow us more availability during peak adjusting hours. Our clinic will be closed from Thursday February 7 through Monday February 11, and we will reopen on the 12th at our usual hours. Please ask Natasha, Emma or Christina to adjust your schedule of care to accommodate these dates.

Our young families and pregnant mamas will be happy to hear that we finally received another shipment of Well Adjusted Babies books. These valuable textbooks are on Amazon for a couple hundred dollars, but we sourced them for a mere $40 each. Pick up your copy today, as they tend to sell quickly.

We are also ordering some excellent DVDs on healthy eating – proper nutrition is an essential part of the wellness lifestyle, and it will help you to get the best results out of your chiropractic care at an accelerated pace.  Ask Dr. Jassal for more information.

And finally, we hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day on the 14th! If your loved one is thinking about chiropractic care, please ask us about our Family Gift Certificates and discounts.  Contact us for more info!

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