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    I first came to see Dr Jassal because of my back pain, stomach pain and allergies. Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed that my back pain has reduced significantly. My stomach pain has totally stopped and I have not taken any allergy medication since my second visit! I feel I have more energy and motivation!

    - Rob Gill

    My name is Lara Perel-Panar and I have been a patient of Dr. Jassal for the past eight months. Dr. Jassal is the first chiropractor I have ever been to because my family has always been very skeptical of chiropractic care.

    When I first arrived at Dr. Jassal’s office, I immediately noticed that the energy in the office was very relaxed and inviting. I sat down and opened the testimonial book and could not believe how I identified with so many of his patients. The initial exam was very thorough, and for the first time I was able to visually see the problems in my neck and back caused by years of dancing, stress and two bad car accidents.

    Before becoming Dr. Jassal’s patient, I did not realize that chiropractic care could be used to help the other problems that I was having. In 2010, I became very ill with the Norwalk Virus and was hospitalized overnight. It took me two weeks to recover from the initial virus but after that my digestive tract was never the same. After many tests, I was diagnosed with post-infectious IB and after living with IBS-PI for three years; I started getting anxiety because of the symptoms. I never knew when my stomach would become upset and I began having trouble going to social events. I also had amenorrhea for one year.

    With the help of chiropractic care, my posture improved, which decreased the tension in my neck and shoulders, decreased my anxiety symptoms and has allowed my menstrual cycle to go back to normal. These changes have happened over time but even after 3 months of Dr. Jassal’s care, I started to feel like myself again. Now I am feeling almost completely back to normal.

    Dr. Jassal is one of the friendliest and most patient doctors I have ever had.  I always have a million questions and he always takes his time to answer every one of them. His assistants, Emma, Christina and Victoria are also very friendly, positive and insightful. The team at Jassal Chiropractic makes your experience wonderful. They create a positive, healing environment and I couldn’t recommend them more. My whole family now goes after seeing how much I improved.  Even though I recently moved to California, I will be sure to seek care every time I am home. I will miss Jassal Chiropractic immensely!

    - Lara Perel-Panar
  • My name is Karla Guitard and I am a 29-year old high school teacher.  I started getting very bad headaches and sinus pain a year ago and I thought it had to do with the stress of teaching both day and night classes.  I spoke with a friend of mine who is a doctor in Vancouver and was told that I was probably suffering from tension headaches.  The solution she offered was to take Advil and to not take on too much during the day. I continued to suffer for months until I attended the Baby Expo in Vancouver with my friend Sarah.  We saw Dr. Jassal’s booth and went there initially so that Sarah could get her back assessed.  One of the women working for Dr. Jassal encouraged me to get my back assessed also, so I did.  Little did I know that shortly afterward, my lifestyle would change dramatically! I had my first appointment with Dr. Jassal after I had my x-rays taken and I was very surprised at what I saw.  I had an “S” curve in my spine and the spinal cord in my neck was pushed forward, which could probably explain why I had been suffering from headaches for so long.  Dr. Jassal told me that I could fix the problem or keep on suffering, so of course I decided to fix the problem and I had my first adjustment. Since then I cannot remember when I last had a headache, my sinus problems (which I thought were allergies) are gone, I am less stressed throughout the day, I am not waking up throughout the night in pain and I have more energy.  I rave about Dr. Jassal and his clinic to everyone I know and whenever someone complains about back problems I immediately hand over one of Dr. Jassal’s business cards. I have given myself the greatest gift this year and that is to live a better lifestyle, one that is healthy and beneficial to me.  I am no longer suffering or covering up the pain with over-the-counter medication; I have chosen to live a better life and I encourage everyone to do the same. Thank you Dr. Jassal! Yours Truly, Karla
    - Karla G
  • I feel 100% happier and healthier. I’m not grumpy or moody anymore! I have noticed an improvement in my posture and flexibility. I used to have migraines once every couple of months, but now I’ve only had 1 in the past 6 months! I can run much faster and for longer; my calves don’t cramp anymore and I no longer have knee pain when I run.  My lung capacity feels bigger, so I know I am breathing better now.  My back and neck pain is gone, and the tension in those places is gone too.  Now I find that skateboarding, yoga and snowboarding are easier and more enjoyable.  I can do more yoga poses as well.      
    - Kim Glennie
  • During my first few visits, I was expecting that he could do something to help me with the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that I had been diagnosed with 4 years earlier. I felt improvements almost immediately. It's now easier to hold pens, use paperclips and bobby pins, and zippers don't pose as much a challenge as they used to! I have had asthma since I was twelve and since I started coming in for adjustments with Dr. Jassal, my breathing has improved – I barely use my rescue inhaler! Generally, I'm finding my overall health to be better. It's easier to “blow off” mental stresses because I'm not physically stressed. My muscles are relaxed and it's more comfortable to sit for long periods of time, as I do in my job. My posture has improved significantly and I'm sleeping better because of it. Most of all, my relationship with my long-term boyfriend has improved greatly! We're not fighting as much about silly things and we're enjoying our time together more.
    - Ashley Hillier
  • Within two weeks of starting chiropractic care, I had lost ten pounds without changing anything else in my life! I have lost a few more since then for a total of 14 pounds in one month. I am craving water for the first time in all my life and my coffee addiction has been eliminated since my first adjustment.
    - Jacynthe Fraser
  • I was able to deliver my little girl in a small amount of time without any drugs, which was very important for me. I believe that the chiropractic care that I received played a direct role in the fact that I required no medical interventions (ie. forceps, vacuum, medicines) during my delivery.
    - Heather McCartney, RN BSN
  • Since first coming to the clinic I have noticed that I have much more energy and I have an increased positive outlook on life in general. I was so pleased with the results I referred my wife and baby son to Dr. Jassal and they are now regular patients.
    - Richard Newell
  • I never thought getting adjusted could have improved my life in so many ways. My posture has improved, I can sit up straight and am walking without pain now. My migraine headaches are thankfully gone. I am most excited about how much better my digestive system has been.
    - Sarah St. John
  • My report of findings exceeded my expectations – in its depth and length as well as in the detail and Dr. Jassal’s clear explanation of it.
    - Jennifer Dury
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