Chiropractic Care for New Moms

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Becoming a mother can be one of the most joyous and most challenging moments in a woman’s life. Not only is it taxing both physically and emotionally from pregnancy to birth, but there’s the recovery process where your body is trying to heal while caring for a new little baby.

During pregnancy, your body creates hormones to loosen ligaments in your pelvis to support the baby as it grows. Your body transforms in many ways as it prepares for birth and labour with many women experiencing lower back pain, sore hips, or sciatica, etc. Our Vancouver chiropractors provide chiropractic care for pregnant women to help with those issues but more importantly, they can help to stabilize the body after the birth.

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Here’s how Chiropractic can help in the post-partum recovery process:

1) Chiropractic care restores the position, movement and balance in the pelvis to help ligaments return to their original position and shape.

2) With so many changes in the body during pregnancy, cells, bodily structures and mechanics are thrown off balance. Chiropractic adjustments restore normal biomechanics and health in the body on a cellular level.

3) During pregnancy, hip bones or the spine often become misaligned due to the weight from carrying a baby. Chiropractic treatments remove misalignments to stimulate the body to heal itself.

4) Many pregnant women experience sciatica which is characterized by leg pain or numbness caused by issues in the lower spine due to the expansion of the uterus. Some times, this tingling pain does not go away immediately after birth. Chiropractic reduces nerve irritability and inflammation causing pain.

5) Post-partum hormones are all over the place causing significant emotional stress on new mothers. Chiropractors promote the proper functioning of the central nervous system and endocrine system restoring hormonal balance in the body to boost the post-partum emotional recovery process.

6) Caring for a newborn is difficult. There are long days and nights holding the baby, spending hours hunched over during breastfeeding and then you might be chasing after other children as well! Postural issues can lead to neck, back, shoulder pain and carpal tunnel. The good news is… Dr. Jassal and Dr. Kim can help!

We know… you have your hands full as a new mom! But speeding up your post-partum recovery is worth it so you can start enjoying your little one even more. Our Vancouver Chiropractors can even help your newborn with fussiness, latch issues and developing proper sleep patterns!

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this blog post is for educational and general purposes only and is designed to assist you in making informed decisions about your health. Any information contained herein is not intended to substitute advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Anxiety and Kids – How Chiropractic can Help

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As adults, we’re no stranger to stress and sometimes feelings of anxiety. The never-ending list of to-dos, pressures of daily life or financial worries can take its toll. But did you know that kids can also be affected by anxiety and this number is rising! While a little worrying is normal, children may start to feel anxiety triggered by various experiences like social anxiety, separation anxiety or the most recently recognized, social media anxiety disorder. When children experience anxiety for long periods, the stress on the body can impact sleep, reduce the ability to focus and lead to decreased participation in regular activities.

Helping children deal with anxiety as parents can be challenging but luckily, our Vancouver chiropractors are here to help reduce your child’s anxiety. Here are a few tips:

Limit screen time: Be mindful of how much time your child is spending in front of devices or T.V. If your child has a smartphone, consider taking it away at night to ensure they are not up scrolling endlessly on their phone.

Set expectations: Give a count down or expected timeframe of when the anxiety inducing activity will begin so that children can prepare themselves.

Spend time together: Do an activity as a family or spend time simply talking together to show your support and listen. Encourage kids to spend time with a trusted friend to play games, go for a walk or listen to music.

Chiropractic Care for Kids: Chiropractic care provides a holistic approach to wellness to promote optimal function of the body and brain. Spinal subluxations (misalignment) cause stress on the central nervous system. The central nervous system controls the body as well as your mood so spinal misalignments can lead to physical and emotional issues in your child. Chiropractic adjustments remove misalignments to promote self-healing of the body and reduce anxiety.

Book a free 10-minute consultation with Jassal Chiropractic Vancouver to learn how chiropractic care helps kids with anxiety.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this blog post is for educational and general purposes only and is designed to assist you in making informed decisions about your health. Any information contained herein is not intended to substitute advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional. 

Meet the Team: Chantel

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We are so excited to introduce one of the newest members of the team, Chantel! Read on to learn a little more about her, we love her inspiring quote. Take it away, Chantel!

Best part of your job?

There are so many elements to appreciate – seeing firsthand the power of chiropractics, playing with the wee kiddos, working alongside a rock star team.

Biggest lesson Chiropractic has taught you?

The innate capacity of our bodies to self heal.

Day off pastime:

Mountaineering, skiing or climbing in the British Columbian backcountry.

Daily breakfast:

Avocado spelt toast topped with homemade salsa and a free-range organic egg.

Go-to juice or smoothie:

The Kickstarter at Whole Foods or Fresh Town at Buddha-Full.

What is your morning routine?

Take a few deep belly breathes, move my body in some capacity, drink a glass of warm apple cider vinegar, make breakie and get ready for work.

Daily supplements:

Omegas and chlorella.

Three staples always in my pantry:

Peppermint tea, avocados and raw honey.

At least once a week I cook:

Tomato basil soup with quinoa and crumbled kale chips.

Top 3 restaurants you love in Vancouver?

Jamjar, Nuba and Virtuous Pie.

Can’t live without:

Family and friends.

Fave workout:

Trail running.

Strange wellness habit:

I have the tendency to smell foods that I am sensitive to (like chocolate) to keep my senses happily satiated without any digestive repercussions.

One piece of advice you would give to your younger self:

Commit fiercely to the present moment.

Best concert you have been to:

James Vincent McMorrow – he has such a gentle, commanding presence!

Current read on your bedside table:

Backcountry Avalanche Awareness by Bruce Jamieson. I am finishing up my Avalanche Skills Training in the coming week!

Always wearing lately:

Brooks road runners – I like to squeeze cardio in between commitments.

Quote(s) to live by:

“Focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life and the universe will keep giving them to you” – Unknown

Foam Rolling and Why You Should Incorporate it in to Your Daily Routine

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Foam rolling has long been used by professional athletes, physiotherapists and Vancouver chiropractors to release tension in muscle groups in the body and to relieve pain. Foam rolls come in various lengths and densities but are often used with the same result in mind; to promote healthy muscle functions.

A foam roller allows you to control the healing and recovery of your body by assisting your muscles to return to normal function. Healthy muscles are flexible, pliable and pain-free whereas muscles that are tense often feel sore and stiff like a rigid elastic band.

Foam rolling can be seen as a form of a self-massage for your back, legs and hips. However, don’t be fooled… foam rolling can hurt the same way a deep tissue therapeutic massage might, but we promise you that it can be just as effective. No pain, no gain, right?!

So, what are the benefits of foam rolling? Here are 8 reasons why you should incorporate foam rolling into your daily routine:

  1. Improve flexibility and range of motion
  2. Relieve back or hip pain by releasing knots and muscle tension
  3. Aid muscle recovery following workouts
  4. Improve circulation by flushing the lymphatic system
  5. Relieve stress
  6. Improve performance by warming up muscles before a workout
  7. Boost energy
  8. Prevent sports injuries by keeping muscles pliable

Rolling is recommended for everyone who would like to experience the above benefits, especially those spending long days sitting at home or in the office. Foam rolling is an excellent compliment to chiropractic adjustments and takes only 10-15 minutes. Using a foam roller can easily be added to your daily routine either before or after workouts or simply as a mid-day “stretch”.

A few things to avoid is rolling where you feel pain, rolling too fast or using a foam roller for way longer than necessary. Please talk to your Vancouver chiropractor before starting to ensure you are using your foam roller correctly.  Book a consultation with Jassal Chiropractic to learn more!

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this blog post is for educational and general purposes only and is designed to assist you in making informed decisions about your health. Any information contained herein is not intended to substitute advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional. 

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Breastfeeding 101: How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Latch Difficulty

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Breastfeeding appears to be most natural experience: A baby is born and mother can simply feed her baby with all the nutrients the baby needs for the first period of life. However, for many women, breastfeeding is not easy and can seem impossible. Problems with breastfeeding can lead to feelings of frustration, failure and depression for many moms.

Our post natal and pediatric Vancouver chiropractors have helped many moms deal with and solve breastfeeding issues. Parents bring their newborns and infants for chiropractic adjustments when their babies have difficulty latching which is when babies are unable to create a proper seal for suckling, swallowing and breathing.

Latch difficulties can lead to a whole host of breastfeeding problems like:

  • Frequent feedings due baby not getting enough breast milk
  • Fussiness during feeding
  • Sore, cracked nipples for mom
  • Gas pains and discomfort as baby swallows air during breastfeeding
  • Crying and fussiness all day long

Pediatric chiropractic care can help improve breastfeeding since often times “the cause of the problem often traces back to undetected biomechanical injuries to the spine and cranium at birth”.*

Gentle chiropractic adjustments for baby can correct the misalignment to the bones of the upper neck and cranium which improves the suck-swallow-breathe sequence needed for breastfeeding.  Once subluxations in the area are removed, proper function is restored and mothers can breastfeed with little or no problems.

Supporting moms to breastfeed is very important and often times the “failure to recognize these biomechanical injuries and their relationship to difficulty in breastfeeding leads to incorrect conclusions and therefore, inadequate recommendations and treatments.”*

Jassal Chiropractic works closely with lactation consultants to support moms breastfeed successfully. Book an appointment today!

If you’re a lactation specialist, please join us at our event on April 26th for snacks and sips to meet the other practitioners and share resources and referrals.


How to Get Rid of a Headache

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A pounding headache is the worst. Pain caused by headaches can derail plans with friends, cause work to be insufferable and make you want to lay in bed until it’s gone. There are many causes for headaches like tension, stress, dehydration, food allergies, lack of sleep, sinus congestion and let’s not forget the hangover headache!

When headaches strike, instead of reaching for pain medication, relieve headache pain with 5 recommendations from our Vancouver chiropractors:

  • Water:
    Drink 6 -8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. Water helps to keep fluids in the brain and promote healthy blood flow. A study found that drinking around seven glasses a day was enough to ease pain and improve the quality of life in patients who regularly suffer headaches.*
  • Compress: If your headache is caused by tension, apply a hot compress to the head and neck to relax tight muscles and promote blood flow. For vascular headaches, use a cold compress to constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow. Don’t know the difference? If it’s a throbbing headache, that’s likely vascular so get that cold wash cloth on your head stat!
  • Massage: There are many self-healing trigger points on the head, neck and back that can be massaged to relieve pain. Try lightly massaging this neck trigger point to stop pain from headaches or migraines. Take care when massaging trigger points and get a professional consultation at Jassal Chiropractic Vancouver.
  • Soak your Feet: A hot foot bath not only melts away stress and tension, but it also works wonders for headache relief. When feet are placed in hot water, blood flows to the lower body to reduce pressure in blood vessels in the head.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint aromatherapy has a soothing, calming effect to relieve headaches. Simply make some peppermint tea to sip slowly while taking in the aroma or apply peppermint oil to your temples or massage a few drops onto the back of your neck.

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, be sure to try these tips or book a 10-minute phone consultation to learn more about chiropractic for headache relief.


Researched Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

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People often associate chiropractors in Vancouver with bad backs and pain relief for neck or back pain when in fact, chiropractic adjustments have many researched benefits for your health. Chiropractic care is a holistic health and wellness therapy focused on achieving balance in the body to promote optimal health and self-healing of the body.

Our Vancouver chiropractors remove spinal subluxations or misalignments and treat the nervous system to free stress in the body and improve bodily functions. If you’re considering chiropractic adjustments for you or your child, there are many researched benefits of chiropractic care. We’re sharing a few benefits here but this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Lower back pain during pregnancy: Chiropractic treatment reduces lower back pain in pregnant women. In a recent study, women who received a chiropractic adjustment experienced less pain immediately following the appointment.* Dr. Jassal and Dr. Kim focus on the Webster Technique which addressed the pelvis and the ligaments supporting the uterus.

Sleep: Insomnia and sleep patterns are improved with regular chiropractic adjustments. According to a study of over 220 patients, one third experienced a better sleep after the first adjustment and chiropractors were able to give “respite from their insomnia problem”.** Our Vancouver chiropractic clinic has treated children and adults to improve sleep patterns.

Asthma and respiratory issues: Chiropractic care can improve respiratory function in the lungs and can reduce symptoms of asthma. Patients with chronic asthma who participated in a clinical study experienced a decrease in asthma severity of 34%.**** Getting asthma under control with chiropractic care and medication can improve quality of life and overall comfort of patients.

Read more about the benefits of chiropractic care and book an appointment with our Vancouver Chiropractor today.




Sitting is the New Smoking: How to Counter the Effects of Sitting

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You might want to take a seat for this… did you know that sitting for long periods of time every day is as harmful for your health as smoking?

It’s the shocking truth as our lives have become more sedentary than ever before. With the rise of office jobs, the proliferation of devices that provide entertainment for hours on end without leaving the couch and an increase in urban sprawl leading to hours behind the wheel, we tend to sit almost ALL day!

There’s strong evidence demonstrating “that physical inactivity increases the risk of many adverse health conditions, including major non-communicable diseases such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and breast and colon cancers, and shortens life expectancy.”*

Our Vancouver chiropractors see the effects of this epidemic in patients who are sore, stiff and have poor posture impacting their overall health and wellness. It’s time to make some changes to our dangerous lifestyle. Here are 5 ways to counter the effects of sitting:

Take standing meetings: Meetings can be an ideal time to stretch your spine and improve posture. Plus, standing meetings tend to keep people more focused on the topic at hand and therefore improve productivity. BONUS!

Make changes to a “toxic” office environment: Just as you wouldn’t want to compromise your health by sitting in a smoke-filled room, ask your employer to foster a healthy environment by requesting adjustable height, standing or treadmill desks. Oftentimes, companies are willing to make ergonomically friendly changes for the comfort and health of employees so start a petition in your office to make a formal request!

Include exercise and movement into your daily schedule: According to the World Health Organization, “adults aged 18–64 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week.” ** And while scheduled workouts are great, try to fit movement into leisure activities. Take the stairs, visit with a friend while walking around the block, dance around while doing household chores, and do fun activities as a family like hiking, biking, etc.

Be on the ball!: Seriously. Get an exercise ball to sit on at your desk and at home when watching TV or catching up on Insta Stories. The exercise ball engages your core, relieves stress from your spine and can promote movement in your ligaments and muscles.

Break up your day: After every hour, get up from your desk for a quick burst of activity. Do stretches, do a few quick squats or lunges or go grab water. Any activity to break up long periods of sitting will have a positive effect on your health.

If you would like to know more about exercises to improve posture, flexibility and improve overall health, book an appointment at Jassal Chiropractic in Vancouver!



How to Have a Better Sleep: 6 Tips to Help You Sleep

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Sleep is essential. Sleep promotes cell repair, boosts immunity, improves brain function and is so restorative to the body. As Vancouver chiropractors, we recommend patients to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Here are 6 tips to help you sleep better:

Limit screen time before bed: The blue light emitted from our fave devices confuses our biological clock which normally tells the body to start producing sleep inducing hormones when it’s dark. Avoid using devices at least 1 hour before bed to encourage your body to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Keep a consistent sleep schedule: Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends (GROAN)! Your body follows the circadian rhythm so like babies, a regular routine helps train the body how to sleep and when. Also, try o avoid napping too late in the day and take short cat naps only of 20 minutes only.

Wind down: Allow time to calm the mind, dissolve worries from the day and relax before bed. Take a minute to write down your to-dos for the next day to keep your mind from racing and then start to unwind. Read a book, do some deep breathing exercises, listen to relaxing music, or do a guided mediation to fully relax.

Create an atmosphere conducive for sleep: Your bedroom should be a sanctuary that is clutter free, calm and comfortable. Keep the room cool, use dim lighting and remove all distractions. Make your room a no TV zone and reserve your bedroom for sleeping and intimacy to train your brain to associate your bedroom with sleep.

Use sleep aids: Consider using a sound machine or an app that plays white noise, rain, waves or other relaxing sounds on a loop. Use blackout curtains or a sleep mask for complete darkness and keep essential oils on hand like lavender, sandalwood or chamomile. Oils can be used in a diffuser or even a drop on your pillow case might be sufficient.

Avoid alcohol before bed: While a drink or two before bed might have a relaxing effect allowing you to fall asleep easily, alcohol can interrupt your sleep pattern. In fact, “alcohol educes rapid eye movement (REM) sleep…[and] disruptions in REM sleep may cause daytime drowsiness, poor concentration, and rob you of needed ZZZs”.*

If you’re struggling to fall or stay asleep, book FREE 10-minute phone consultation to find out how Chiropractic helps improve sleep.

Book an appointment with our Vancouver Chiropractors!




Chiropractic for Skeptics: Does Chiropractic Work?

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Vancouver Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic for Skeptics: Does Chiropractic Work?

Most patients who have been to visit our Vancouver Chiropractors have experienced various benefits of chiropractic care. Yet there are still people who may not understand what chiropractic treatment is about or they may be skeptical about the process. We’re breaking it all down to help you decide whether chiropractic care is right for you!

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the “theory that proper alignment of the body’s skeletal structure, particularly the spine and nervous system, will enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication. Adjustments are used to restore proper  mobility to joints restricted by injury caused by a traumatic event, such as falling, or repetitive stress.”*

During chiropractic care, our goal is to achieve optimal health by removing or improving spinal subluxations which are best described as specific sites of spinal malfunction leading to irritation of the body’s central computer, the nervous system.

What does a Chiropractor do?

Our Chiropractors in Vancouver meet with a new patient for a consultation which may include x-rays and/or computerized scans. After a thorough review of results, health history and current health concerns, your Chiropractor will develop a holistic treatment plan to achieve optimal results which usually involves regular adjustments for a set time period.

During a chiropractic adjustment, the chiropractor typically uses their hands or an integrator instrument to “stimulate the joints of the body, particularly the spine, in order to restore or enhance joint function. This often helps resolve joint inflammation and reduces the patient’s pain”.**

Does Chiropractic Work?

We have seen chiropractic adjustments have results treating diverse conditions from pain relief in adults or pregnant women to improvements in sleep, colic and learning in children.

If you would like to know more about the research for a particular condition and whether chiropractic is right for you, we would love to hear from you! Book a free 10-minute phone consultation today!

Book an appointment with our Vancouver Chiropractors!



* Source


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