Beat the Holiday Weight Gain and Feel Great with These Simple Tricks

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The holiday season is here! It’s a time for office parties, family gatherings, holiday markets and dinners out on the town. With so many festive activities, you may find yourself surrounded by rich foods, tempting treats and sugary drinks!

It can be a challenge to resist nibbling on sweets or limiting how many glasses of cheer you may enjoy. That said, unfortunately, the scale doesn’t seem to care about the magic of the season and will creep up just the same if you go overboard. Instead of dealing with extra weight gain in January, keep weight under control during the holidays with a few simple tricks! Read on for how to beat the holiday weight gain and feel great with these simple tricks:

Here are 5 tips to help you beat holiday weight gain:

1)    Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day that include whole, healthy foods. Skipping meals or healthy snacks makes it harder to resist temptations, leads to cravings, and can cause you to binge on empty calories. 

2)    Keep a bowl of clean apples or mandarins on your desk at work or on the coffee table at home as a healthy alternative to the candy dish or cookie jar.

3)    Alcohol is a sneaky weight gain trap. When sipping drinks during holiday parties, try to alternate between soda or tonic with a lime wedge and your drink of choice. Or opt for a Spritz by mixing white wine or rosé with a splash of fizzy water like Perrier. Either trick will cut down calories by at least half!

4)    Drink lots of water to keep that ‘full’ feeling and stay hydrated to stave off sugar cravings.

5)    Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. This may seem impossible around the busy holiday season but sleep is restorative to the body helping reduce fat producing hormones like cortisol. Plus, we all know we tend to make poor food choices when we’re tired!

 The holidays are a wonderful time of the year to spend together with family and friends. With these simple hacks, you can still enjoy while keeping your weight under control. Happy Holidays!


Meet The Team: Tilly

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Tilly has been a part of the Jassal fam forever and she is moving away from Vancouver, and so, we must sadly, say goodbye, for now. It’s not too late to get to know Tilly a little better, and, she’s included a little note from her, to you!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our amazing patients for bringing a smile on my face everyday. Thank you for all the good times, hugs, laughs, jokes, friendships and sharing your experiences and lives with myself and our incredible team at Jassal Chiropractic. We’ve always said we’re lucky to have such amazing patients that treat us like family and it’s so true.

Thank you for the well wishes, cards and flowers. It means so much to me. The clinic feels like home to me, and l’ll miss everybody so much. I wish you all the very best and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Much much love,

Best part of your job?
Seeing all our little kiddies grow up, my favorite families and working with my awesome colleagues!

Biggest lesson Chiropractic has taught you?
The power that made the body heals the body

Day off pastime:

Skyping with my hubby and family, Hanging out with my friends, going to the movies, beach time (summer)

Daily breakfast

Banana smoothie with kefir

Food philosophy in one sentence:
Eat everything in moderation. No food is off the table! (unless you are allergic to it)

Daily supplements:
Probiotics, turmeric, Omega 3-6-9/DHA

3 Staples always in my pantry:
Chips, Dates, Avocado

At least once a week I cook:
Avocado grilled cheese sandwich

Top 3 restaurants you love in Vancouver?
East is east, Meat and Bread, Jam Jar

Can’t live without:

My husband, family and friends

Fave workout:


Strange wellness habit:

Drinking apple cider vinegar and water in the night at least 3 times a week

One piece of advice you would give to your younger self:
Stop stressing and worrying about things before it even happens. Take a deep breath and everything will work itself out.

Best concert you have been to:
The best concert I have been to hand down was Kanye West ( Saint Pablo Tour) – Actually Dr Jassal got myself and the team tickets to see him perform live. It was the most amazing concert!!!

Quote(s) to live by:

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be:

Resist the temptation to google your symptoms and jump into conclusion.

The Surprising Signs of Food Sensitivities

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By Heather Woodruff, CNP RNCP
Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Digestion Guru

I can happily say I grew up with what I can only describe as a white picket fence childhood. Days were spent roaming outside our country home, eating raspberries straight from the bushes and surrounded by my large extended family and many friends. The only darkness I can recall were moments of confusing health issues for myself and my two siblings. Allergies, hay fever, tonsillitis, asthma and numerous skin issues including chronic eczema for which we were prescribed a corticosteroid cream for years. Today they have now realized the side effects of corticosteroids (thinning of the skin, discoloration, folliculitis, extreme fatigue, weight loss, headaches, vision problems, etc). Today this medication is only recommended for a few weeks at a time but back then there were no restrictions. My parents did the absolute best they could with the information they had at the time but we all just assumed this was how we were and there was nothing that could be done except to continue to slather on the cream, remove the tonsils and pop a whole lot of anti-histamines. 

My Ah Ha Moment…

Fast forward 20 years and you will have found me sitting in one of my classes at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition learning about all the surprising symptoms of foods allergies and having the biggest ‘ah ha!’ moment of my life as my childhood finally started to make sense. Who would have thought that our body would launch a full scale attack on foods that were supposed to be nourishing us?! At the time it was not common practice to look for the root cause of health issues (and unfortunately still often isn’t). I have now since seen my health history repeated in numerous clients and witnessed the health benefits when certain inflammatory foods are removed to allow healing.

When we think of food sensitivity symptoms we often think; hives, skin rashes, or perhaps a little tummy ache. But what about the hundreds of other documented issues that have been linked to food sensitivities? such as; migraines, depression, mood swings, anemia, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, joint pain, asthma, irregular heartbeat, chronic fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, IBS, constipation, heartburn, reoccurring infections (especially ear infections in young children), insomnia, obesity, autoimmune disorders, the list goes on and on.

It’s easy to pinpoint an inflammatory food when we get hives minutes after eating it but food sensitivities are different than food allergies. They often don’t present symptoms for several hours to several days after consuming. 

Is it a Food Sensitivity?

Not every symptom is a food sensitivity/allergy but any symptom can be one. A good experiment is to try removing a suspected food for an extended period of time. Unfortunately skipping gluten for a meal or two will not show results. It often can take 2 – 6 weeks for an inflammatory food’s antibodies to completely flush from the system and symptoms to diminish.

While discovering our food triggers will probably not be the end of our health journey, it is another piece in the puzzle for helping us to understand our unique selves and improve our overall wellbeing. It’s amazing to see just how much more our bodies can thrive without the daily dose of inflammation caused by unknown food sensitivities.

Interesting to exploring your potential food sensitivities? Try this FREE Webinar: Do I Have Food Sensitivities?


Carolee Bateson-Koch DC ND. How to heal your allergic condition permanently and naturally. Summertown, TN; Books Alive 1994

Elizabeth Lipski, Ph.D., CCN, CHN. Digestive Wellness: Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Health Digestion, 4th Edition. USA; McGraw Hill Books 2012

Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur, ND. The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women’s Health. Toronto, ON; Robert Rose Inc 2005


Chiropractic Care & Teething 101: Help your Child with Teething

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Teething is a painful experience for your child and oftentimes it feels never ending from 6 months to 2 years old. (How many teeth do children get anyway?!) Teething can cause your child to go from happy and playful to cranky and miserable. Everything becomes a challenge: feeding, sleeping and all hours in between.

Other than general irritability, teething symptoms include:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Low-grade fever
  • Runny nose
  • Swollen and painful gums
  • Ear pain
  • Rash on face or chin
  • Lack of interest in food
  • Sleep disturbances

There are many natural ways to provide pain relief and help your child cope with teething:

  • Freeze a clean, wet wash cloth and allow child to chew on it.
  • Massage gums with your clean finger to help the tooth break through the gums.
  • Freeze a banana for your child to gnaw on.
  • Offer cold fruit purees like applesauce, mango or other soft food that is easy to eat and soothing on the gums.
  • Have your child wear an amber crystal necklace. Amber crystals are said to have healing powers to promote balance and health.
  • Homeopathic drops or oils. (Always be sure to read the label)
  • Visit a chiropractor!

The most important way to help your child during teething is to relieve the stress on the nervous system through chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments of the neck specifically takes pressure off the nervous system and promotes the healthy function of all systems in the body. The body will be able to adapt to changes experienced during teething periods resulting in a happier, healthier child.

Meet The Team: Karen

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You might know Karen’s smiling face as the first person you see when you walk into Jassal Chiropractic most afternoon’s, but do you know what her one strange wellness habit is? Read on below, and get to know Karen!

Best part of your job?

Honestly, there are so many! Seeing the changes and improvements patients experience while under care at the clinic, chatting with all of the familiar faces that come in to the clinic everyday, playing with the little kiddos who love to hang out with us at reception – working with such a great team is a bonus too!

Biggest lesson Chiropractic has taught you?

That Chiropractic is for everyone, and you don’t necessarily need to be in pain or suffer from a specific ailment to reap the benefits of chiropractic care.

Day off pastime:

Going for a coffee, meeting friends, just being out and about in the sunshine as much as possible.

Daily breakfast

Granola with some kind of fruit, mostly strawberries or blueberries.

Go-to juice or smoothie

The Mondo berry smoothie from Whole Foods is so good.

What is your morning routine?

It’s never set in stone but usually involves getting ready for work, breakfast, maybe a show with breakfast if there’s time, and then I walk or cycle to work grabbing a coffee on the way.

3 Staples always in my pantry:

Granola, oranges, chocolate

At least once a week I cook:

Burgers! With all the toppings. Yum

Top 3 restaurants you love in Vancouver?

Sal Y Limon, Nook, Pizzeria Barbarella

Can’t live without:

Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, all to keep in contact with family at home and friends who are dotted all over the globe at the moment

 Fave workout:

A hike or cycle, yoga too!

Strange wellness habit:

I love naps, not the best habit,but every so often I like to squeeze one in!

One piece of advice you would give to your younger self:

To just go for it, take the risk.

Current read on your bedside table:

The Curious Incident of the dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon

Best concert you have been to:

An Irish band called Villagers I saw perform in Dublin a couple of years back, and I saw the XX more recently also who were amazing.

Always wearing lately:

Sunscreen! Even though I love being out in the sun, my pasty Irish skin isn’t always thrilled about it! 

Quote(s) to live by:

“If you love life then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” – Ben Franklin

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Autistic Children

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When your child is diagnosed with autism, you may be left with many questions regarding cause, treatment and support. With so much mystery surrounding what causes autism, no cures and no medication options, it’s not always apparent what you can do to help your child which can oftentimes leave you feeling powerless.

As a parent, it can be a challenge to navigate so we are here to break it down and tell you how chiropractic care can help autistic children.

NOTE: chiropractic care is NOT a cure for autism, but we have found significant reduction in symptoms and improved motor/sensory function which allows these patients to live a much easier life.

What is autism?  

“Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviours. Because of the range of symptoms, this condition is now called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”* Typically signs of autism start to show in the first three years of life.

What are typical symptoms of autism?

Children with autism have difficulties with social interactions and may be unable to express themselves verbally or physically. They may avoid eye-contact, show lack of empathy, have a language delay, and/or avoid playing with others. They may engage in repetitive behaviours and fixate on routines or objects.

How can chiropractic care help autistic children?

Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper function including the sensory, motor and the overall nervous system. Many sensory and cognitive functions are located in the spine so when stress or spinal misalignments (subluxations) are removed, there are significant improvements in overall bodily and neurological function.

In a study involving a non-verbal 4-year-old autistic boy, 15 visits to the chiropractor led to improvements in language development, sociability and cognitive skills.** Another study involved a 3 year old girl who was “non-verbal, had compulsive  disorders, daily rituals, head banging and violence. After chiropractic, care began within one month her parents and teacher noticed a 30% improvement socially. After one year of care, an 80% improvement was noticed. Head banging and other rituals diminished by 50% with less violent behavior.”***

There is more evidence that chiropractic care can help improve symptoms of autism. Find out how chiropractic adjustments can work for your child, book a consultation today.




Why Do Your Children Need to See a Chiropractor?

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As a parent, there is oftentimes so much that is beyond our control when raising children. We try to protect our kids from illness, shield them from injury and do anything in our power to promote optimal learning and development. There are many tools at our fingertips to encourage strong, healthy growth such as a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and exercise, but did you know chiropractic care was one of them?

Chiropractors can help your children reach their potential and promote good health through regular adjustments. Children start experiencing subtle spinal misalignments (subluxations) from birth and they continue to occur during playtime or participating in day to day activities or sports. These subluxations have an impact on the nervous system affecting overall bodily function. When the nervous system is comprimised, symptoms are not always obvious and instead manifest in other ways like digestion issues, sleep problems, lower immunity and even in children’s behaviour.

“The expertise of the chiropractor is in checking the child’s spine for mis-alignments that impair nerve system function therefore affecting overall body function. The bones of the spine, the vertebrae, house and protect the spinal cord. The spinal cord is an extension of the brain and carries information from the brain to the body parts and back to the brain again. Subluxations interfere with the nerves’ ability to transmit this vital information.”*

Once a child starts receiving chiropractic adjustments, they may experience the following benefits:

  • Less frequent colds or flu and fewer ear infections
  • Reduced bed wetting and improved sleep
  • Less severe asthma
  • Better digestion and a decrease in colic in babies
  • Improved ability to learn and focus
  • Reduced hyperactivity and behavioural issues

To help your child reach their potential, book a consultation at Jassal Chiropractic today.


Insomnia and How Chiropractic Care Can Help

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Sleep: We fight it as kids and beg for it as adults! If you’re like many people, you might struggle to fall asleep and find yourself awake most of the night causing frustration and exhaustion. Ask any parent of a newborn what happens from sleep depravation; your ability to react, concentrate, remember, reason logically, and control your emotions diminishes the bigger the sleep debt. Since sleep allows time for the body to rest, heal and process important bodily functions, sleep is not a luxury, but rather a necessity!

Did you know you may be experiencing insomnia? Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder which is defined as “difficulty falling asleep, difficulty remaining asleep, early morning awakenings or non-restorative sleep… An estimated 3.3 million Canadians aged 15 or older, or about one in every seven are considered to have insomnia, according to a study”* by Statistics Canada.

Instead of turning to sleep medication, chiropractic care can provide a natural solution to your sleep problems. A paper published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders suggests that insomnia could be caused by complex chemical interactions in the brain resulting from subluxation.** Subluxation is a misalignment of the spine and chiropractic adjustments can remove restrictions in the spine releasing stress on the central nervous system. Chiropractic care improves sleep by promoting a healthy endocrine system which has positive effects on your overall physical and mental health.

Rest easy, a good sleep is around the corner with these last few tips:

  • Make sure the room is dark and not too warm.
  • Use a white noise sound machine.
  • Avoid and turn off your devices before bed.
  • Do some deep breathing exercises to clear your mind.
  • Add a spritz of lavender essential oil spray onto your pillow case.
  • Get adjusted by your Chiropractor regularly.



Why Should my Child Have Chiropractic Care?

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Kids grow up so fast and as parents, we want to protect them from the first moment we hold them in our arms. To help our children reach their mental and physical potential, children need to experience the world through exploration, play and sports often leading to bumps, bruises and a few falls. These minor injuries may cause spinal misalignments and ultimately result in stresses on the nervous system.

A healthy nervous system free of strain and stress is essential as the nervous system controls and coordinates every function of the body, including healing and repair. So, you might be wondering ‘why should my child have chiropractic care?’ To protect our children, promote optimal health and to prevent illness, visiting a chiropractor can help.

How can a chiropractor help my child?

When children receive chiropractic adjustments, “the healing power of the body is unleashed: the immune system functions more efficiently, resistance to disease increases, and your child’s body functions more efficiently. Your child can respond to internal and external environmental stresses such as germs, changes in temperature, humidity, toxins, pollen and all the other stresses he/she comes in contact with more efficiently”.*

What are the most common reasons to seek chiropractor care?

  • To reduce frequency of colds, ear infections and illnesses
  • To help with asthma and/or allergies
  • To promote digestion, alleviate constipation and treat colic
  • To improve sleep and prevent bed wetting
  • To alleviate growing pains
  • To maximize brain development and learning potential
  • To improve concentration and emotional well-being

Chiropractic care for children improves all system functions in the body; “circulatory, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, eliminative and immune system.  Chiropractic adjustments restore nerve system function allowing the body the ability to express a greater state of health and well-being.”**.

To take a proactive, preventative approach to your child’s health, and consider visiting Jassal Chiropractic.



How to Boost the Learning Potential in Your Child

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As parents, we want our kids to excel in school so we spend hours sitting across the table from them to help with homework and we spend money on tutors for various subjects. Despite our efforts and good intentions, our children may be struggling to learn and process information. It may be difficult to identify the issue preventing our children from learning and oftentimes children may be mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD. Before starting them on medication, it might be worth seeking chiropractic care for children.

Chiropractic care for children helps promote a fully functioning central nervous system which supports their ability to learn and process. Every chiropractic adjustment acts as a reset button to maximize health and healing in the body. In fact, a study with approximately 100 volunteers conducted an EEG before and after receiving chiropractic adjustments. Post chiropractic treatment EEG scans “revealed improvement in all areas of the volunteer’s brain function.”* This means brainwaves and the activity shown in the brain was significantly improved after spinal adjustments. When brain function is improved overall health improves but so does the ability to learn and retain information.

Research conducted by Swiss chiropractor Yannick Pauli, DC, president of the Swiss Chiropractic Pediatric Association confirms “chiropractic adjustments, even when no back problems are evident, can improve the function of the spine and strongly stimulate nerve pathways to the cerebellum and other parts of the brain. The cerebellum plays a vital role in learning. It helps the brain coordinate and integrate the various sensory information, as well as to increase the processing speed of the brain. In the case of children, this may, in turn, help brain functions necessary for learning.” **

If you are concerned that your child is struggling in school and their grades are not reflective of their true potential, please visit Jassal Chiropractic to learn more how chiropractic care can assist in the journey!



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