Why Should my Child Have Chiropractic Care?

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Kids grow up so fast and as parents, we want to protect them from the first moment we hold them in our arms. To help our children reach their mental and physical potential, children need to experience the world through exploration, play and sports often leading to bumps, bruises and a few falls. These minor injuries may cause spinal misalignments and ultimately result in stresses on the nervous system.

A healthy nervous system free of strain and stress is essential as the nervous system controls and coordinates every function of the body, including healing and repair. So, you might be wondering ‘why should my child have chiropractic care?’ To protect our children, promote optimal health and to prevent illness, visiting a chiropractor can help.

How can a chiropractor help my child?

When children receive chiropractic adjustments, “the healing power of the body is unleashed: the immune system functions more efficiently, resistance to disease increases, and your child’s body functions more efficiently. Your child can respond to internal and external environmental stresses such as germs, changes in temperature, humidity, toxins, pollen and all the other stresses he/she comes in contact with more efficiently”.*

What are the most common reasons to seek chiropractor care?

  • To reduce frequency of colds, ear infections and illnesses
  • To help with asthma and/or allergies
  • To promote digestion, alleviate constipation and treat colic
  • To improve sleep and prevent bed wetting
  • To alleviate growing pains
  • To maximize brain development and learning potential
  • To improve concentration and emotional well-being

Chiropractic care for children improves all system functions in the body; “circulatory, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, eliminative and immune system.  Chiropractic adjustments restore nerve system function allowing the body the ability to express a greater state of health and well-being.”**.

To take a proactive, preventative approach to your child’s health, and consider visiting Jassal Chiropractic.



How to Boost the Learning Potential in Your Child

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As parents, we want our kids to excel in school so we spend hours sitting across the table from them to help with homework and we spend money on tutors for various subjects. Despite our efforts and good intentions, our children may be struggling to learn and process information. It may be difficult to identify the issue preventing our children from learning and oftentimes children may be mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD. Before starting them on medication, it might be worth seeking chiropractic care for children.

Chiropractic care for children helps promote a fully functioning central nervous system which supports their ability to learn and process. Every chiropractic adjustment acts as a reset button to maximize health and healing in the body. In fact, a study with approximately 100 volunteers conducted an EEG before and after receiving chiropractic adjustments. Post chiropractic treatment EEG scans “revealed improvement in all areas of the volunteer’s brain function.”* This means brainwaves and the activity shown in the brain was significantly improved after spinal adjustments. When brain function is improved overall health improves but so does the ability to learn and retain information.

Research conducted by Swiss chiropractor Yannick Pauli, DC, president of the Swiss Chiropractic Pediatric Association confirms “chiropractic adjustments, even when no back problems are evident, can improve the function of the spine and strongly stimulate nerve pathways to the cerebellum and other parts of the brain. The cerebellum plays a vital role in learning. It helps the brain coordinate and integrate the various sensory information, as well as to increase the processing speed of the brain. In the case of children, this may, in turn, help brain functions necessary for learning.” **

If you are concerned that your child is struggling in school and their grades are not reflective of their true potential, please visit Jassal Chiropractic to learn more how chiropractic care can assist in the journey!



How To Prevent Sports Injuries (and improve performance) in Children

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If you’re like most parents, your year is defined by hockey or football season. Or perhaps it’s a never-ending cycle of gymnastics or basketball all year round. It’s no surprise that our schedules are busy carting children to and from games, classes or dance recitals. Children participating in multiple organized sports or other activities take a toll on their body and we sometimes find ourselves making a pit stop at the doctor to treat an injury.

Chiropractors have been known for treating sports injuries to improve recovery time for years. However, instead of waiting until children experience pain from an injury, chiropractic adjustments can actually prevent injuries from occurring.

In a study, Australian football players who were under chiropractic care had a reduced number of strains in their legs and lower back and in fact experienced improved health overall.* Chiropractors can discover and treat poor posture, muscle imbalance and nerve interferences that could potentially lead to injury if left untreated. Chiropractors offer young athletes early intervention strategies to help prevent painful injuries and avoid a relief-based approach like the use of painkillers.

Another benefit of chiropractic care for active children is an increase in athletic performance. “A study of athletes by the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation concluded that athletes who received 12 weeks of chiropractic care exhibited 30 percent improvement in reaction time, versus a group with no chiropractic care”.** Children who have regular appointments with a chiropractor benefit from spinal adjustments that balance their nervous system but they also get advice for a holistic approach to health like developing healthy sleep, eating and exercise habits.

As a parent, encouraging our children to be active AND healthy is a priority, and that’s exactly what Jassal Chiropractic can help you do!


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Ask The Chiropractors Pt. 2

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What have you always wanted to ask your Chiropractor? We all know that Chiropractic care is an important part of a wellness program, but do you know how chiropractic care works? In this new series, Dr. Jassal and Dr. Kim are sharing some answers to your burning Chiropractic questions. This is part two, so check out part one for other Chiropractic questions you might want the answers to!

Why do you see so many children at the clinic?

Children have nervous sytems and spines that control the function of all their cells in their body. So for most children that aren’t functioning at their greatest or have health challenges or aren’t developing at the right pace many times the underlying problem is that the nervous system is being compromised. Because of that we check the nervous system and the spines as young as possible to make sure that if there is an underlying problem that is causing dysfunction or disease we get that to correct so the body can heal itself.

How are we different than other chiropractors:

We look at the body as a whole and get the entire nervous system to function better looking at the cause of why the body isn’t working. With the torque release technique we don’t deliver manual adjustments here at the clinic. We use an instrument that delivers a very quick light speed of adjustment that a lot of patients find gentle. We are usually adjusting less segments – one ore two each time, so it allows the body to heal itself so it gains greater strategies and memory for how to heal itself in the future. The benefits with our type of chiropractic care is that the overall person functions better. That can be from better sleep, more calm, most women have better menstrual cycles, kids perform sports better, less injuries, stronger immune systems, better posture.

Why do you check the feet?

We use your feet to check for achilles reflex, which is a neurological reflex system.  We look at the changes in your neurological reflex system by using your feet in response to stress that is applied to specific segments of your spine.

When you say “good” or “much better” after an adjustment, do you really notice the changes happen that quickly?

Yes, your body changes immediately to each adjustments that are applied in each and every visit. Every visit, there are multiple different factors that we are evaluating, both before and after the adjustment.  For example, after each adjustment is performed, we are looking at the changes in your breathing pattern, muscle tone, temperature, heel tension, spine tension, fixation, and even posture.

Stay tuned for more answers to your questions! Send us a question anytime on any of our social media outlets.

How to Reduce Stress: 5 Ways to Manage Stress

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Work, kids, family obligations, relationships and social media take our time and energy on a daily basis. We are so busy with a to-do list that is so long that we can’t keep up. We also deal with high expectations set by others and even ourselves. It’s no wonder why we are stressed out and finding it harder and harder to cope.

Stress has a negative impact on our health, our bodies and our emotional well-being. Stress increases cortisol production in the body causing weight gain, a compromised immune system and food cravings.

Getting stress under control can help you find balance and improve your overall well-being. Here are 5 ways to reduce stress:

1)    Meditate: Whether you focus on a mantra, use a guided mediation app or simply practice deep breathing, meditation is very effective. To get started, sit in a quiet space, clear your mind and take some deep breaths to be in the present moment.

2)    Exercise: Do you only have 10 minutes? That’s okay, any amount of physical activity can lower cortisol and increase endorphins which is the happy hormone. Do some yoga, hop on your bike or go for a quick jaunt and you will feel better instantly.

3)    Turn off the tech: Constant notifications and mindless scrolling on phones or tablets takes time away from our goals and oftentimes leaves us feeling spread thin. Be mindful and purposeful in your actions by turning off your phone for even one hour a day to give yourself a break from your news feed.

4)    Listen to music: Did you know singing along to your fave song can reduce stress? Listening to music lowers cortisol levels and boosts your mood. Add a little dancing and you’ll be back in the groove in no time!

5)    Laugh it off: Have you heard of laugher therapy? It’s so effective because laughing causes a rush of endorphins to make you feel happier and automatically less stressed. Laughter can be shared and brings people together which ultimately makes us feel supported by others.

Don’t forget that regular Chiropractic treatments can help your nervous system function at its optimal levels to help you manage stress more efficiently. Book in with us to get your well-being in check!

What is the Webster Technique and How It Can Help your Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a miraculous, joyous time for many mothers-to- be. But it’s also a time of morning sickness, swollen ankles and achy muscles. There are big changes happening in your body as a baby grows, internal organs shift to make room and hormones spike, so it’s not a surprise that you can become imbalanced and experience spinal and pelvic misalignment. This misalignment can cause lower back pain and achy hips that can become more uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses. Not only that, but pelvic misalignment can reduce the space within the pelvis  and restrict baby’s movement in the uterus leading to a tendency toward the breech position in the last trimester.

Fortunately, prenatal chiropractic care can give you some relief and can promote a healthy pregnancy and easier birth for you and your baby. The Webster Technique is a chiropractic technique which establishes balance in the pelvis and reduces stress to the uterus and supporting ligaments and muscles.* When the ligaments supporting the uterus are balanced and relaxed, the baby has more room and a greater chance of moving into the correct position for birth.*

During birth, babies who are in a breech or posterior position can cause concern and difficult labours for mothers oftentimes leading to back labour and sometimes C-Sections. “Optimal baby positioning at the time of birth also eliminates the potential for dystocia (difficult labor) and, therefore, results in easier and safer deliveries for both the mother and the baby”.* Through chiropractic treatments, you can help your baby assume the best possible position and can help minimize the stress on the mother’s body.

Fostering optimal conditions for the baby and mother are the ultimate goal of prenatal chiropractic care so we invite you to book your consultation now to find out more.

*Source: http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-health/chiropractic-care-during-pregnancy/

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10 Ways to Sneak More Veggies and Nutrients into Your Child’s Diet

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If you’re dealing with a picky eater, meal times can be a constant battle. Many kids tend to gravitate toward pasta, bread or junk food, causing parents to worry that their children are not getting enough nutrients in their diet. Here are 10 sneaky tips to get your child to eat more veggies:

1)     Add minced cauliflower to rice. The veggie is almost invisible!

2)     Hide shredded spaghetti squash or zucchini in casseroles.

3)     Bake sweet treats with apple sauce instead of butter or oil and opt for carrot cake or chocolate zucchini cake when baking homemade goodies.

4)     Mix pumpkin puree in with pancake or waffle batter and top with fresh berries.

5)     Add tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers and/or mushrooms to an omelet or scrambled eggs for a savoury breakfast.

6)     Make eating veggies a game: Have crunch contests where the loudest crunch wins or design colourful veggie plates together with your child and then devour your creations.

7)     Add a little flavour…within reason! Adding a pinch of salt, dip or a healthy cheese sauce can get children accustomed to enjoying veggies.

8)     Add minced broccoli to mac and cheese or other fave pasta dishes.

9)     Smoothies: The perfect hiding spot for more greens!

10)  Roast kale, Brussel sprouts or sweet potatoes in the oven with olive oil, a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese for instant, satisfying snacks.

While children should be encouraged to try new foods multiple times before deciding whether they like it or not, they shouldn’t be forced to clean their plate if they really don’t like a particular food as it might create a negative association with that food. The trick is to keep trying, re-introduce foods often and lead by example by eating a variety of healthy veggies and fruits.

Ask The Chiropractors

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What have you always wanted to ask your Chiropractor? We all know that Chiropractic care is an important part of a wellness program, but do you know how chiropractic care works? In this new series, Dr. Jassal and Dr. Kim are sharing some answers to your burning Chiropractic questions.

How is Torque Release Technique (TRT) different than other techniques?

It is different in that it is a tonal based chiropractic technique. The technique looks at the nervous system and the spinal cord like a guitar string – based on how much tension or tone there is. It alters not just one cell or one function, but how the whole body works. In torque release, we look at the spine as a whole unit to figure out exactly how the body as a whole can function better so that every part of the body has optimal function.

Why do most of the adjustments happen in the upper neck and tailbone?

The spinal cord is a suspender, physically anchored by ligaments at the top of the neck and scull, as well as the tailbone. Based on those attachment points, we have the most access to change the tone of the entire nervous system.

Why is the frequency of Chiropractic care so important?

It is like getting a ball moving when it is stuck in a rut. You have to push it for a period of time for the momentum to move forward. So with the high frequency of care at the start, we are helping the body to change more rapidly. We want to break patterns. The more rapid and more consistent you are at the start, the easier it is to maintain down the road.

Why is my neck curve so bad?

Forward head posture is such a significant part our lifestyle, which didn’t used to be the case 20, 30, 40 years ago. Sitting for a long period of time, driving, sitting on your iPad, text messaging, checking your phone, watching TV – this all have forward head posture. The biggest culprit is sitting at your computer desk all day long. People never used to sit at desks for 8-10 hours a day. That constant forward flexion of your head is what’s altering the neck curve and aggravating it, which in essence, negatively effects how the entire nervous system works.

Why do I have an upper back hump and can it be fixed?

The upper back hump is usually a second or third adaptation to a problem. It is usually forward head posture, loss of neck curve, and then comes the upper back hump. The upper back hump is there so you don’t go around looking at the ground all day long – so that your eyes can look up straight. It is usually an overdevelopment of muscles because of the weight of your head being too far forward. Most often we see that it can be fixed, as long as it hasn’t been there for a long enough period of time or there is arthritis in the spine.

Stay tuned for more answers to your questions! Send us a question anytime on any of our social media outlets.

How Yoga Can Create Wellness

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Yoga has the ability to be deeply and profoundly healing. It helps to relieve stress, detoxify the body, and strengthen us physically and mentally. With so much focus on breath, it helps keep you grounded – especially during hard times.

But there is more to yoga than you might think. We’ve got four surprising benefits to including regular yoga in your life to show you how yoga can create wellness.

  1. Improved immunity

The focus on breath helps our bodies move better and our blood circulate better. This helps improve organ function, thus improving our immunity. Yoga has also been proved to actually effect change in our genes, helping to boost our immunity. This starts while you’re still on the mat, so it doesn’t take long to see the benefits.

  1. Ease migraines

Research has shown that migraine sufferers have fewer and less painful migraines after only three months. Many yoga poses help to ease the muscles around your neck and realign any misalignments often caused by hunching over our computers and cellphones.

  1. Quality sleep

Likely related to its ability to reduce stress, yoga helps improve sleep quality within eight weeks of daily practice. A recent study also showed that twice-weekly yoga sessions helped cancer survivors sleep better and feel less fatigued.

  1. Fight food cravings

Creating breath awareness helps bring awareness of physical and emotional sensations associated with eating. Regular yoga practice strengthens the mind-body connection helping you tune into emotions involved with certain cravings. Yoga breathing exercises helps you slow down and make better choices when cravings strike.

Poses to Practice

Sun Salutation: great for circulation and toning.

Bridge Pose: calms the brain and the central nervous system.

Savasana: restores the body and focuses on breath.

Create a space for balance in your life and see for yourself how yoga can create wellness!

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Get to Know Dr. Jassal

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We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year, and thought it was time you meet the guy who opened the clinic way back when! Dr. Avtar Jassal opened Jassal Chiropractic in Vancouver to help people regain and experience optimal health. He has a passion for improving the lives of every patient he meets. Find out what makes Dr. Jassal tick, below!

Best part of your job?

Watching the change in a new parent when their child starts sleeping more, starts feeding better on the breast or when colic is reduced. Hearing how a patient’s life changes when they heal from a crisis or their health changes. Or seeing that lightbulb moment when I explain on how their nervous system has the capability to heal themselves from the inside out. Empowering them with the knowledge that they are far more capable of improving their own body functions than they were led to believe.

Biggest lesson Chiropractic has taught you?

The biggest takeaway for me is that every person, regardless of age or state of health, has the same ability to heal and self regulate.

Day off pastime:

I enjoy spending my days off drinking coffee at Revolver or Elysian and reading magazines like Fantastic Man or Monocle.

How do you take your coffee? 

I drink Cortados which is 2 oz espresso with the same amount of steamed milk.

Daily breakfast:

I like to keep breakfast simple yet nutritious so I go for a green juice.

Food philosophy in one sentence:

I believe that you should eat closest to the way your ancestors did –  for me that would be mostly vegetarian, so whole organic fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

Daily supplements:

I don’t necessarily recommend daily supplements if you eat a well-balanced diet of organic whole foods.

Go-to juice or smoothie:

I like convenience so I always grab a cold pressed green juice from my favourite store.

What is your morning routine?

Stretch. Mediate. Listen to a podcast. I then take some time to plan the top priorities for the day. Of course, I shower, shave and get dressed but I also take time to pray and go through affirmations. I ensure to get hydrated by drinking water. I usually end up running out of the house with a green juice in hand all while trying to be quiet enough not to wake my son!

3 Staples always in my pantry:

I always have coconut water, chocolate and bananas on hand.

At least once a week I cook:

Actually, I am not much of a chef so my wife does most of the cooking. When it is my turn, I opt for take out from my favourite places like Tractor, Juke or Pizzeria Farina.

Top 3 restaurants you love in Vancouver?

I really enjoy Savio Volpe, L’Abattoir and Nook.

Can’t live without:


Fave workout:

Hot yoga.

Strange wellness habit:

A great habit to get into is to think positive. Thinking positively causes chemical reactions and the release of hormones that increase one’s state of wellbeing and reduces suffering.

One piece of advice you would give to your younger self:

Spend less money and keep consistent with physical exercise, read daily.

Current read on your bedside table:

The Paleo Cardiologist by Jack Wolfson.

Best concert you have been to:

The most memorable concert was Arcade Fire.

Always wearing lately:

Maison Margiela sneakers and black jeans.

Quote(s) to live by:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be:

The nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell in the body. Take care of it first and most often in your health routine.

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