Home Visits for Pregnant Moms and Newborns

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As many of our patients know, Dr Jassal is a Vancouver chiropractor certified in a technique specifically intended to improve outcomes in childbirth and pregnancy – this is known as the Webster technique. This technique ensures proper alignment of the hips and pelvis, allowing for more ease and comfort for both mother and baby during delivery. Webster’s technique can provide benefit at any stage of pregnancy, although the sooner care is started, the better!

Dr Jassal has also trained extensively in pediatric chiropractic care, and we see many, many children and babies at our Vancouver chiropractic clinic. As a pediatric chiropractor, Dr Jassal is able to evaluate and adjust children of all ages using Torque Release Technique (TRT), from newborn infants and up. Infant adjustments are extremely gentle, primarily involving sustained contact.

As a service to our current patients, Dr Jassal is happy to provide Vancouver-area home visits for our pregnant mothers during labour and delivery, and for mom and baby in the first days after birth. Gentle adjustments for laboring mothers can be very beneficial, especially if labour seems to be slowing down. Likewise, getting baby checked in the first couple of weeks can help prevent issues with things like breastfeeding, digestion, and sleep later on. If you are a current patient at our Vancouver prenatal and pediatric clinic, and would like to have a home visit with Dr Jassal, just let us know at your next appointment, and we will be happy to set that up!

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