Parker Seminars!

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Parker Chiropractic SeminarsWe just got back from a successful weekend at Parker Seminars!  From Thursday through Sunday we attended post-graduate training with Parker speakers, and we were also treated to lectures by the brilliant folks from Hay House, including Louise Hay herself.  We learned all about our powerful new Heart Rate Variability scanner – and we are now adding the HRV scan to our diagnostic tools.

Our team was even fortunate enough to receive daily adjustments by Dr. Jay Holder, the founder of Torque Release Technique.  Since Dr. Jassal is eating Raw now, we ate the cleanest food while we were there, too! (Much gratitude to Whole Foods for their fresh, raw, ‘Get Up and Go’ juice.)

Now we’re back and we are SO much smarter!  It’s the ideal time to start serving even MORE families and help them to achieve optimal health and well-being.  So…if you know someone who needs us, send ’em our way.


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